Privacy Applications for Android

These privacy applications for Android will help you to keep your personal details and identity away from the dangers lurking on the Internet

Spoof Card 3.2.12 English

Spoof Card 3.2.12

Hide your identity when you make a phone call

Download Spoof Card
Turbo VPN - Unlimited Free VPN 1.8.1 English

Turbo VPN - Unlimited Free VPN 1.8.1

VPN app for Android

Download Turbo VPN - Unlimited Free VPN
Cloud VPN (Free & Unlimited) English

Cloud VPN (Free & Unlimited)

Hide your IP and browse anonymously

Download Cloud VPN (Free & Unlimited)
Hotspot Shield VPN 5.8.5 English

Hotspot Shield VPN 5.8.5

Hotspot Shield's VPN application for Android

Download Hotspot Shield VPN
ZenMate 2.5.0 English

ZenMate 2.5.0

Browse safer by hiding your IP

Download ZenMate
Disconnect 2.0.0 English

Disconnect Pro 1.1.1

Make your searches on the Internet anonymous

Download Disconnect
VPN Master 5.9.4 English

VPN Master 5.9.4

Browse the Internet privately

Download VPN Master
VPN Master-Free 6.0.9 English

VPN Master-Free 6.0.9

Create your own VPN and break geographical barriers

Download VPN Master-Free
Free VPN Proxy by Betternet 3.9.6 English

Free VPN Proxy by Betternet 3.9.6

Connect to the Internet in a secure incognito mode

Download Free VPN Proxy by Betternet
Privacy Protector 3.4 English

Privacy Protector 3.4

Protect your privacy to the maximum extent

Download Privacy Protector
VPN Free English

VPN Free

Your own free VPN

Download VPN Free
HTTP Injector - SSH/Proxy/VPN 4.2.3 English

HTTP Injector - SSH/Proxy/VPN 4.2.3

Browse the web with total anonymity and safety

Download HTTP Injector - SSH/Proxy/VPN
TUN.ko Installer English

TUN.ko Installer

Load the tun module necessary to use VPN applications

Download TUN.ko Installer
Faceless 1.1 English

Faceless 1.1

Browse securely with your Android

Download Faceless
TroidVPN 2.6.3 English

TroidVPN 2.6.3

Browser privately using a VPN

Download TroidVPN
App Ops 1.7 English

App Ops 1.7

Manage the permissions of apps

Download App Ops
Orbot English


Connect your Android to Tor by means of a proxy

Download Orbot
AnonySurfer 2.7.0 English

AnonySurfer 2.7.0

Anonymous browsing from your Android

Download AnonySurfer
LEO Privacy Guard 4.0.3 English

LEO Privacy Guard 4.0.3

Protect your privacy to the max

Download LEO Privacy Guard
D-Vasive 3.0.0 English

D-Vasive 3.0.0

Avoid losing control of your phone

Download D-Vasive
HideMe VPN 6.3.3 English

HideMe VPN 6.3.3

Go online through a VPN

Download HideMe VPN
SuperVPN 2.0.7 English

SuperVPN 2.0.7

Browse the Internet privately and anonymously

Download SuperVPN
Screen Shield 1.5.2 English

Screen Shield 1.5.2

Protect your smartphone against spyware

Download Screen Shield
VPN One Click English

VPN One Click

One of the best apps to browse privately

Download VPN One Click
TapVPN 0.7.77 English

TapVPN 0.7.77

Browse on your Android using a VPN

Download TapVPN
NowSecure 1.3.6 English

NowSecure 1.3.6

Find out what your applications do with your data

Download NowSecure
Bluebox Heartbleed Scanner 1.2.2 English

Bluebox Heartbleed Scanner 1.2.2

Find out if your Android is vulnerable to Heartbleed

Download Bluebox Heartbleed Scanner
Droid Crypt 1.2.30 English

Droid Crypt 1.2.30

Block access to your files and folders

Download Droid Crypt
NoSpy MyPhone 1.9.99 English

NoSpy MyPhone 1.9.99

Your privacy in a safe place

Download NoSpy MyPhone
Shh 0.3.2 English

Shh 0.3.2

Avoid WhatsApp's blue double check

Download Shh
Silent Phone 3.4.1 English

Silent Phone 3.4.1

Encrypt your calls on Android

Download Silent Phone
Umbrella 0.1.9 English

Umbrella 0.1.9

Complete guide with safety tricks and advice

Download Umbrella
TouchVPN 2.9.10 English

TouchVPN 2.9.10

Browse the Internet privately and securely

Download TouchVPN
Opera VPN 1.4.1 English

Opera VPN 1.4.1

Private and anonymous browsing on Android

Download Opera VPN
Prot-On 2.1 English

Prot-On 2.1

Control how your files are used

Download Prot-On
Clueful 2.6.19 English

Clueful 2.6.19

Protection for your personal data

Download Clueful
Seecrypt 2.5.0 English

Seecrypt 2.5.0

Encrypt your phone communications

Download Seecrypt
Anti Spy Mobile Free English

Anti Spy Mobile Free

Scanner for spy applications

Download Anti Spy Mobile
TunnelBear English


Avoid location restrictions and blocks

Download TunnelBear
CONAN mobile Beta 0.4.0 English

CONAN mobile Beta 0.4.0

Audit the potential danger of your applications

Download CONAN mobile