File Managers for Mac

All the tools necessary to be able to organize, manage, explore and transfer the files stored on your Mac computer can be found in this section

iTools 2.9.2 English

iTools 2.9.2

Alternative to iTunes to manage Apple's devices

Download iTools
SHAREit English

SHAREit 0.9.0

Sharing had never been so easy

Download SHAREit
DeTune 1.0.9 English

DeTune 1.0.9

Recover the contents of your iPhone or iPad from Mac

Download DeTune
iFunBox 1.4 English

iFunBox 1.4

File manager and explorer for iOS

Download iFunBox
SuperBeam 1.2.0 English


Transfer files between your Mac and a smartphone without cables

Download SuperBeam
iPhone Explorer English

iPhone Explorer

Access your iPhone's files from a Mac

Download iPhone Explorer
AnyTrans for iOS 6.3.3 English

AnyTrans for iOS 6.3.3

Control the files on your iPhone and iPad from Mac

Download AnyTrans for iOS
File Juicer 4.35 English

File Juicer 4.35

Extract videos, sound files and documents from any file

Download File Juicer
Senuti 1.3 English

Senuti 1.3

Unblock your iPod and copy your songs to the hard drive

Download Senuti
MacHacha 4.0.1 English

MacHacha 4.0.1

Splitting and merging files had never been so easy

Download MacHacha
Floola 2012r1 English

Floola 2012r1

Manage your iPod with many possibilities

Download Floola
iPod.iTunes 4.9.25 English

iPod.iTunes 4.9.25

Improve your data synchronization with your iPod

Download iPod.iTunes
Punakea 1.3.1 English

Punakea 1.3.1

Organize your files by assigning tags

Download Punakea
Hide Folders 6.2 English

Hide Folders 6.2

Fast solution to hide files and folders

Download Hide Folders
Tags 2.2.1 English

Tags 2.2.1

Make the most of the power of Spotlight

Download Tags
Together 3.4.3 English

Together 3.4.3

Organize all sorts of files in a single application

Download Together
iRip 2.1.4 English

iRip 2.1.4

Download the contents of your iPod or iPhone to any computer

Download iRip
SizzlingKeys 4.2 English

SizzlingKeys 4.2

The most comfortable way to control iTunes

Download SizzlingKeys
Yojimbo 4.0 English

Yojimbo 4.0

Easily organize and access any data

Download Yojimbo
DropCopy 1.90 English

DropCopy 1.90

The easiest way to share files over on the Internet

Download DropCopy
MoveTunes 1.7.3 English

MoveTunes 1.7.3

Move your iTunes music from one folder to another

Download MoveTunes
Papers 3.2.7 English

Papers 3.2.7

Document manager and organizer

Download Papers
Duplicate Finder 1.3.0 English

Duplicate Finder 1.3.0

Find and delete duplicate files on your Mac

Download Duplicate Finder
Send to Kindle English

Send to Kindle

Transfer your documents from your Mac to your Kindle reader

Download Send to Kindle
SyncMate 6.4 English

SyncMate 6.4

Synchronize data, files and mails between devices

Download SyncMate
iPSP 4.0.1 English

iPSP 4.0.1

Content management system for PSP

Download iPSP
iExplorer English


Turn your iPod into yet another memory unit

Download iExplorer
Instashare 1.0.1 English

Instashare 1.0.1

Share files between Mac OS X and iOS wirelessly

Download Instashare
BitTorrent Sync 2.3.6 English

BitTorrent Sync 2.3.6

Synchronize and share files in a secure manner

Download BitTorrent Sync
PhotoSweeper 1.9.7 English

PhotoSweeper 1.9.7

Delete duplicate image files

Download PhotoSweeper
Minbox 2.0.12 English

Minbox 2.0.12

Send files from your desktop

Download Minbox
Android File Transfer English

Android File Transfer

An Android file manager for Mac

Download Android File Transfer
EasySplitMerge 2.0.2 English

EasySplitMerge 2.0.2

Split and merge any file on your Mac

Download EasySplitMerge
File Info Professional 1.2.1 English

File Info Professional 1.2.1

Get hold of more information about your files

Download File Info Professional
Gemini 2.3.6 English

Gemini 2.3.6

Find duplicate files on your Mac

Download Gemini
Easy Duplicate Finder English

Easy Duplicate Finder

Find and delete duplicated files

Download Easy Duplicate Finder
File Spy 1.2 English

File Spy 1.2

Obtain all the information about any file

Download File Spy
MobileTrans 7.8.1 English

MobileTrans 6.8.0

Efficient management software for mobile devices

Download MobileTrans
TunesGo 9.3.0 English

TunesGo 9.3.0

App to manage data on your Android or iPhone

Download TunesGo
TouchCopy 16.19 English

TouchCopy 16

Extract songs, videos, photos or games from your iPhone

Download TouchCopy