Currently, the Facebook application does not let you chat with your contacts. Instead, it forces you to install Facebook Messenger, where they have delegated all these instant messaging functions. Therefore, it is not possible to create group conversations on Facebook using the main app. However, there are two alternatives for doing so.

Installing Facebook Messenger

The first option is to install Facebook Messenger. To start, tap the green Download button below to download the APK for the latest version available.

An on-screen notification will inform you that the download has been completed. You can tap Open on the notification or go to your downloads folder. The necessary APK file will be there. Tap on it.

Download of Facebook Messenger completedDownload of Facebook Messenger completed

The installation process of the app will be launched. Tap on Install in the lower right corner.

Press Install at the bottom of the screenPress Install at the bottom of the screen

When the installation is complete, you will see the Open button in the lower right corner of the screen. If you decide to cancel the process, you can find the Facebook Messenger icon among your apps.

Open the app by pressing OpenOpen the app by pressing Open

If you did not have Facebook installed, you will have to enter your details to access your account. If you had it installed, Messenger will ask you if you want to log in with the account you are logged in

Fill in your details or confirm your Facebook accountFill in your details or confirm your Facebook account

Once inside the messaging app, tap the pencil icon in the upper right-hand corner to create a new conversation.

Press the pencil iconPress the pencil icon

The contact list will open, and at the top of that list, you will see the Create a New Group option, that lets you create a new group. Tap on it.

Select the option to Create a New GroupSelect the option to Create a New Group

Now, add the participants of the conversation by tapping on them in the contact list. Once all the people you want to include in the group are there, tap on the top right corner Next and the group will be created.

Select the participants of the group chatSelect the participants of the group chat

Accessing Facebook through the website

If you do not want to install Facebook Messenger, there is another alternative: accessing Facebook via the browser on your device. It is a bit more difficult since the website is not optimized for mobile screens and controls, but it is still valid if you want to avoid installing the Facebook Messenger app at all costs.

Simply, open your web browser and type into your navigation bar.

Type the web address in your browserType the web address in your browser

Then, enter your access data as you normally do.

Enter your access detailsEnter your access details

Once inside, tap the 3 vertical dots button in the upper right corner to display the browser option menu.

Press the icon in the top right cornerPress the icon in the top right corner

Choose the View Desktop Site option.

Select Desktop SiteSelect Desktop Site

Now, you will see the full website and not the version adapted to your screen. Go to the Chats section.

Access the chats sectionAccess the chats section

Select the New Message option at the top.

Press New MessagePress New Message

Now, tap on the top box to add participants.

On the upper part of the screen, press the box to add participantsOn the upper part of the screen, press the box to add participants

Select the participants from the address book. When you have all of them, tap on Create in the upper right corner.

Select the contacts and press DoneSelect the contacts and press Done

From that moment on, you will have a chat group with your contacts. Any message can be seen by all participants.