Diamonds are the premium currency of Garena Free Fire. With them, you can buy aesthetic improvements for characters and weapons, activate the elite pass, unlock character skills, and more. Diamonds can be obtained in various ways:

By purchasing

The fastest and most straightforward way is to pay for them through our Google Play account. There are different options if you decide to pay for them. To access this section, tap the diamond icon at the top of the home screen.

Access to the diamonds menu from the lobbyAccess to the diamonds menu from the lobby

Once there, you can surf the menu on the left side.


The basic offer is to buy the diamonds directly. There are different options available for different amounts of diamonds, of course, the more you buy, the more you get for a better price.

Top-Up menu to purchase diamondsTop-Up menu to purchase diamonds

Weekly Offers

Different packages are offered weekly, they usually include tickets to play in Luck Royale mode, and in some cases, they will directly give you diamonds. These packs are limited and you can find significant discounts on them as the week progresses.

Weekly diamond offersWeekly diamond offers


You can get a VIP card for one week (which includes 60 diamonds per day for one week) or a monthly VIP gold card (which offers 100 diamonds right away and 60 diamonds per day for one month) by paying different amounts.

Weekly and monthly VIP cards with diamondsWeekly and monthly VIP cards with diamonds


Garena has its own web platform where you can also buy diamonds for the game. Simply log in using your user ID or your Facebook account to access these options through a web browser.

Coupon codes

The first free option you have is to use a code to get diamonds. If you find one, you are in luck. Where to get them? Well, it will not be easy for you, you will have to be aware of the social networks in the game, influencers accounts, and the events organized all over the world where Garena takes advantage of this kind of gift. Note that the codes may be valid only in certain geographical regions.

Rewards pageRewards page

Once you have the code, go to and enter the code to receive the diamonds directly into your account

Fire Pass

Another option is that you buy the Elite Pass, one of the modalities available in the Fire Pass. It can only be acquired with real money, and it has its advantages. In addition to a value of around 10,000 diamonds, you will unlock new challenges and increase your daily gold limit to 100 units. To get it from the lobby, tap the icon at the bottom left.

Access the Fire Pass from hereAccess the Fire Pass from here

Then, tap on Upgrade.

Press UpgradePress Upgrade

Finally, choose the Elite Pass. The Elite Bundle is even more complete, but the amount of diamonds is similar.

Select the Elite Pass or the Elite BundleSelect the Elite Pass or the Elite Bundle

The Elite Pass lets you complete daily challenges, which unlock rewards in gold, skins, and diamonds.


Garena Free Fire regularly hosts temporary events where users are invited to play in exchange for rewards. These events are accessible from the upper right-hand corner of the lobby.

Access to temporary eventsAccess to temporary events

Once in the lobby, you will be able to see all the active events. The rewards may change, offering the possibility of getting diamonds.

A temporary Free Fire eventA temporary Free Fire event

Apps and Hacking

The last option is not recommended at all, as it involves using tricks or hacks to get diamonds. We have warned you about these methods on other occasions, if you are found cheating, you might get permanently banned by the administrators of the game.