Garena Free Fire is a battle royale game, which means that the last one standing wins. If you want to be the only survivor among the 50 participants in each battle, then do not miss the tricks that we will give you below. We do not guarantee your victory every time, but they will make your life a little easier.

Connection quality

In order to have a chance, you must have a good internet connection. It is basic in any battle royale game, your connection should be stable enough to let you stay competitive. At home, make sure you receive the Wi-Fi signal correctly, and if necessary, get closer to the router or find solutions to amplify the signal. If you are on the street, check your signal coverage and that you have data left on your phone.

Check your connection quality hereCheck your connection quality here

Learn how to control your character

In battle royale, speed is crucial. And being quick heavily relies on dominating the controls in detail. Whether you are playing with touch controls or an external device, you need to become familiar with character control and shooting. And that happens by playing a lot and dying a lot. Do not be afraid of falling in combat, learn to move around the stage, and especially, to equip your weapons and items.

Mastering the controls is essentialMastering the controls is essential

Go solo and fast

Try to jump quickly from the plane to be one of the first players to touch the ground so you have all the resources of the game available. Also, do not open the parachute so you can fall as quickly as possible. If you decide to wait, then wait at the end, do not jump in mid-flight, or you risk falling around the vast majority of players. Try not to land in the middle of nowhere: you will be unprotected and will hardly find resources. Land near a building or infrastructure, but without attracting attention. Do not land at the center of town, where there will be players waiting to finish you off.

Avoid landing in places with too many playersAvoid landing in places with too many players

Equipment and ammunition

The first and quickest thing you have to do during a game is to find weapons. Your goal should be to find good quality weaponry that you are comfortable with. You can equip yourself with a long and a short gun, but we recommend the long ones, especially those that shoot in bursts (watch out for the bullet counter). Short arms will not do you much good other than to get yourself out of trouble. It is also very important that you get a larger backpack to store more items, and a helmet and vest to increase your chances in a firefight as well as to avoid snipers.

Find weapons and protection as soon as possibleFind weapons and protection as soon as possible


Sooner or later you are going to have to get into a gunfight. When that happens, you need to be clear about several premises. The first thing to do is look for cover, avoid facing anyone in the open without the possibility of protecting yourself with the environment. Make sure you have the best weaponry available equipped, the best protection, and the health bar full if you can apply an emergency kit. If you find it impossible to take cover because you have been caught crossing the desert, and you have no chance of responding fire, the best thing you can do is a sprint in the opposite direction of your attacker while following different and erratic trajectories, so your opponent cannot foresee your movements, making it hard to aim at you.

Mastering the telescopic aim is a mustMastering the telescopic aim is a must

Keep an eye on the safe zone

As in every battle royale, the playing area is reduced as the minutes go by. You have enough time to explore the stage for weapons, but keep an eye out for on-screen warnings that the game zone is shrinking. If you get lost and lose track of time, you will die within seconds. Check the map and tap on the top left corner of the screen to find out where the circle is and where to go. The map will show you when there are dangerous areas as it detects and shows heavy activity places. Also, it will show you the position of players close to you when they are shooting and are detectable as orange dots.

Pay attention to the white circle on the mapPay attention to the white circle on the map

Avoid the open field

Try to reduce by all means the time you spend in the open field. Being in a place where there is no coverage makes you an easy target. Try to change coverage always and as often as you can: if you always stay in one spot, you will be easier to detect.

Avoid open-field areasAvoid open-field areas

Follow all of these tips and you will multiply your chances of winning in Garena Free Fire for Android.