As soon as we create a Free Fire account, we will receive an ID, a number that identifies us in the game. To find out what this number is, start Free Fire, and from the initial platform, tap on your player card in the upper left corner.

Tap on your player cardTap on your player card

You will see a screen with your profile, and among the data, is the ID, now known as UID (user ID).

Under the card you can see your player IDUnder the card you can see your player ID

What is the Free Fire ID for?

Mainly, the Free Fire ID serves to identify us in a standard way. Note that some user nicknames are unpronounceable and even difficult to spell, while the Free Fire ID, is a series of 12 digits.

After that, even if we link our Free Fire account with other services (Twitter, Facebook, Google, and such), or even if we change our user nickname, the ID number will remain the same forever.

The number cannot be used to log in to the game or the Garena website, but it can be used to contact Garena. For example, if we have lost our smartphone, and with it, the link to the Free Fire account, we can contact Garena informing our account ID to try to recover it.

Another use is to identify yourself in tournaments or official competitions. Again, it is much more convenient and easier for the organizers to have us identified with numbers than with unpronounceable nicknames.