Video Applications for iPhone

These video applications allow you to play, record and edit files in different formats. Turn your iPhone into an audiovisual production studio

VLC 3.0.3 English
VLC 3.0.3

The iPhone version of the best multimedia player 7.6 English

One of the largest online music communities

VivaVideo - Video Editor 6.4.3 English

Application to mount and edit video with your iPhone

Enlight Videoleap 1.4.1 English

Edit and create professional and amateur videos

vjay 1.4.1 English
vjay 1.4.1

Mix videos with your iPhone

iMovie 2.2.4 English
iMovie 2.2.4

The video editor to create movies straight from your iPhone

VHS Camcorder 1.2.2 English

Record videos with a great eighties style

OPlayer 2.0.19 English
OPlayer 2.0.19

Play video and audio on iOS

Video Star 7.3.7 English
Video Star 7.3.7

Feature in your very own music videos

Socialcam 5.11.2 English
Socialcam 5.11.2

Record and store your own videos

Vont - Text on Videos 1.5.4 English

Easily add text to videos

Pinnacle Studio 5.6.1 English

Complete video editor for iPhone

Twicer 2.1.0 English
Twicer 2.1.0

Record videos using both cameras on your phone at once

Perfect Video - Video Editor & Movie Maker 4.6.1 English

Simple video editor for iPhone

8mm Vintage Camera 2.6.1 English

A retro video camera for your iPhone

Adobe Premiere Clip 2.1.1 English

Creating stunning videos on an iPhone is really easy

SloPro 3.3 English
SloPro 3.3

Apply the slow motion effect to your videos

Cute CUT - Full Featured Video Editor 1.8.9 English

Spielberg is in for some competition

AVPlayerHD 2.84 English

Play any video on your iPad without converting its format

Spark Camera 3.2.2 English

Create videos on your iPhone

Alfred - Home Security Surveillance IP Camera 1.9.2 English

Turn your iPhone into a surveillance camera

Splice - Free Video Editor + Movie Maker by GoPro 3.5.1 English

The best video editor for iPhone

QuickTime English

Multimedia player and libraries for iOS

Scrubbies 1.03 English
Scrubbies 1.03

A video editor to easily create loops

Magisto Video Editor & Movie Maker 4.14.1 English

Turn your iPhone into a smart video camera

Wiseplay 2.4.2 English
Wiseplay 2.4.2

Multimedia player compatible with online lists

Motion Stills - GIF, Collage 2.0.2 English

Convert your short videos into GIF animations

VLC Streamer Free 2.42 (3156) English

Stream multimedia contents from your PC to your iPhone or iPad

Mannequin Challenge Creator 1.1 English

App to record your Mannequin Challenge

Quik – GoPro Video Editor to edit clips with music 4.2.2 English

The editor app for videos recorded with a GoPro camera

Replay 4.1 English
Replay 4.1

A reliable video editor

Videoshop 5.4.2 English
Videoshop 5.4.2

Your mobile video editing studio

LiPP 4.4 English
LiPP 4.4

Record your voice over your favorite videos

Cameo 2.1.1 English
Cameo 2.1.1

Vimeo's short video app

Boomerang from Instagram 1.4.7 English

Create short videos to share with your mates

Infuse 5 - an elegant video player 5.6.6 English

Video player for iPhone

Vizzywig 5.0 English

WYSIWYG video editing

Hyperlapse 1.1.6 English
Hyperlapse 1.1.6

Instagram's tool to create time-lapse videos

AllConnect - Play & Stream 8.4 English

Play the contents of your iPhone on your TV

Cinamatic 1.0.1 English
Cinamatic 1.0.1

Convert your short videos into attractive cinema works