Databases for Linux

This database software will help you to manage complex information systems. Download clients and other tools for SQL, Access and other platforms

MySQL 5 .5.12 English
MySQL 5 .5.12

The most used database server on the web

MySQL 4 .1.22 English
MySQL 4 .1.22

A powerful database for Linux systems

phpMyAdmin English

Work with MySQL databases on the web

MySQL GUI Tools 5.0r12 English

Graphical interface to work with MySQL databases

MySQL 5 Client 5.0.92 English

A client for the most used database engine in the world

MySQL 4 Client 4.1.22 English

Client to connect us to MySQL database servers

Cassandra 2.0.4 English
Cassandra 2.0.4

One of the best databases at present

Kexi 3.1.0 English
Kexi 3.1.0

An alternative to Access for Linux