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Adrenalyn XL Liga Santander is a football game with touches of role-playing for Android smartphones and tablets in which you have to collect player cards

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Football sticker collections have evolved considerably ever since we were young and we spent our free time buying, swapping and betting our cards in all sorts of games. There were dozens of them we used to play in the park or in the playground that allowed us to go back home with hundreds of more store stickers or totally bankrupt in terms of stickers.

It was the time when all these stickers companies hired employees without any kind of photo enhancement knowledge to place the shirt on new signings by means of Photoshop in order to not to wait for the official photo. Now everything is much more virtualized and digitalized and one of the greatest actors in the world of football cards, Panini, has released its collection for the 2016-17 season of the Spanish football league, now Liga Santander and formerly Liga BBVA, so that we can try to get hold of all the first division players, but straight on our Android smartphone or tablet.

Panini's stickers, now on your phone.

But downloading the APK of Adrenalyn XL Liga Santander to our mobile device involves much more than simply collecting player cards. If yesteryear the most exciting part of collecting was opening each new pack of stickers to find out if you were lucky enough to get hold of a new signing, now that excitement has been moved to the possibility to build our own squad and line-up and take part in tournaments and manager leagues, similarly to FUT or FIFA Ultimate Team.

How to play Adrenalyn XL?

Although for the most nostalgic users the most important thing will be to try to get hold of the cards or stickers of the most iconic players, or at least their favorite players, the final goal is to climb to the top of the world ranking. And you can only do os by playing and winning matches against other users and being victorious in leagues and competitions. For such purpose, you have to get hold of the best players and lineup the best starting eleven possible to defeat your rivals.

Win matches and championships, and get crowned as the best Adrenalyn XL player.

Matches are turn-based in which each user has to choose the card of the player to be used in each round and decide whether to attack or defend with that player, depending on the defensive or offensive attributes indicated on his card, becoming more of a role-playing game than a football title. The name of the game is probably not up to the excitement of each battle, but if you're keen on the idea and you were wondering when this virtual sticker game was going to be out, you should know that it's already available on Google Play.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.0.3.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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