The best soccer games for Android

If you’re looking for soccer games for Android, you’re at the right place to download classics such as FIFA, PES or management games like Football Manager

eFootball 2023 8.0.0 English

Konami's former PES, eFootball, returns for season 22-23

Dream League Soccer 2023 10.230 English

The new version of DLS for the 22-23 season

FIFA Soccer 18.1.03 English
FIFA Soccer 18.1.03

Without a doubt, the best soccer game

Rocket League: Sideswipe 1.0.413635 English

Game that mixes cars and soccer games

First Touch Soccer 2015 2.09 English

An alternative soccer simulator to FIFA and PES

FIFA 23 Companion English
FIFA 23 Companion

FIFA Ultimate Team on your phone

EA Sports FC Mobile 20.9.04 English

Create your own soccer team and delve into realistic games

PES 2011 1.0.6 English
PES 2011 1.0.6

The 2010-11 football season on your mobile phone

Street Soccer Skills 1.0.3 English

Once again enjoy the classic PS2 street soccer game

Football League 2023 0.0.67 English

Soccer simulator for cell phones with quite decent graphics

Soccer Manager 2024 0.0.1 English

Manage a real football team and lead it into victory

Total Football 1.8.9 English

Soccer simulator with official FIFPro license

Score! Hero 2023 2.84 English

The second part of the game that will turn you into a soccer star

Champion of the Fields 0.104.20 English

A very realistic soccer game

Vive Le Football 2.1.0 English

Enjoy soccer at its best in mobile

Real Football 1.7.3 English

Compete a full soccer season

World of League Football 0.1.0 English

A brilliant soccer management game from Electronic Arts

World Soccer League English

Entertaining and decent football game

Street 2 Soccer World 2.8.1 English

The iconic PSP game on Android version

Football Cup 2022 English
Football Cup 2022

An alternative to FIFA and PES

EA SPORTS Tactical Football 1.2.1 English

Turn-based soccer simulator with hyper-realistic graphics

Pro League Soccer 1.0.34 English

Fun soccer game featuring a casual design

Soccer Star 23 Top Leagues 2.17.0 English

Play the League, the Cup and the Champions with your team

Soccer Super Star 0.1.12 English

Soccer simulator with realistic graphics

Score! Hero 3.03 English

Manage the football career of a future star

Pack Opener 23 by Smoq Games 2.45 English

Collect soccer player cards

MAD FUT 23 1.0.2 English
MAD FUT 23 1.0.2

Create your own trading card team in FUT

eFootball CHAMPION SQUADS 6.3.0 English

The equivalent to EA Sports' FUT but by Konami

Winner Soccer Evolution 1.9.1 English

Entertaining soccer game

Ultimate Soccer 1.1.15 English

Appealing and fun football game

Ultimate Draft Soccer 1.045 English

Build a soccer team and play with players from around the world

Nickelodeon Football Champions 1.3 English

Play football in retro style with Nickelodeon's characters

PES CLUB MANAGER 4.5.1 English

Pro Evolution Soccer's manager game

Score! World Goals 2.75 English

Recreate the best goals in football history

Football Strike - Multiplayer Soccer 1.43.2 English

Online real-time multiplayer football game for Android

UEFA CL PES FLiCK 1.0.7 English

Football game inspired by Pro Evolution Soccer

Toon Cup 2021 4.5.22 English

Play the Football World Cup with Cartoon Network

Top League Soccer 0.0.4 English

Play intense football matches with your own team

Score! Match 2.41 English

The real-time multiplayer football game

Online Soccer Manager (OSM) 22/23 English

Become the best coach in the league

Football Master 7.9.1 English

Online football strategy game

FUT Card Builder 23 9.6.3 English

Create FUT soccer teams with custom cards

World Soccer Champs 8.1 English

Retro-style soccer simulator

Inazuma Eleven SD 1.16.2 English

Form your team and win this subbuteo-like league

GoGoal 4.13.1 English
GoGoal 4.13.1

Win money in sports betting without risk

Extreme Football 5103 English

Street soccer game with online 3v3 matches

Futsal Freekick 2.1.2 English

Five-a-side football free kick game

Ultimate Football Club 1.0.2835 English

The football game licensed by Juventus

Football Clash: All Stars 2.0.15s English

Collect cards and win matches

FUTBIN 23 10.5 English
FUTBIN 23 10.5

A practice simulator for FIFA Ultimate Team

NT 23 by NicoTom 172 English

FIFA Ultimate Team simulator

FreeKick Soccer 2021 2.1.8 English
FreeKick Soccer 2021 2.1.8

Practice your free kicks

Soccer Stars 32.0.2 English
Soccer Stars 32.0.2

The app to play table football on your Android

SkillTwins 1.5 English

Test your soccer skills in different challenging trials

Mini Football 2.2.5 English

Excellent casual soccer game

Top Football Manager 2023 2.9.7 English

Crown yourself the best soccer manager

Mobile Soccer League 1.0.29 English

Play soccer with charming big-headed characters

Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team 8.1.0 English

Play with Tsubasa and Genzo and create you dream team

Perfect Kick 3.4.5 English

The best penalty shootout game

Superkickoff 1.3.3 English

Manage your favorite team and lead your players to victory

Champion Soccer Star 0.87 English

Soccer game where we will reproduce all kinds of plays

Club Soccer Director 2022 2.0.2 English

Manage your favorite soccer team from the office

Champ Man 15 1.3.1 English
Champ Man 15 1.3.1

One of the top soccer management games

Rainbow Football Friends 3D 1.3 English

Rainbow Friends soccer party game

Dream Squad 2.9.02 English
Dream Squad 2.9.02

Become the best soccer coach in the world

Perfect Soccer 1.4.20 English

Manage your own soccer team

Football Rivals 1.48.1 English

Strategic soccer game

FIFA Online 4 M 1.2210.0011 English
FIFA Online 4 M 1.2210.0011

Design your dream team with this online version of FIFA

Boom Boom Soccer 1.0.2 English

Football at its purest

Comunio 1.12.33 English
Comunio 1.12.33

The most popular online football manager game

Top Eleven 24.0 English

Manage the destiny of your football team

Mini Soccer Star 0.72 English

Play soccer with squared characters

Kings League Fantasy MARCA 0.19.0 English

Create your own soccer team and compete with other players

Goalie Wars 1.0 English

1v1 soccer game pitting goalkeepers against each other

NHD Sports FUT 23 0.1.8 English

Put together your own soccer team using cards

Season 21 Pro Football Manager 5.1.8 English

Train your soccer team and take it to the summit of sport

Tsubasa+ 1.8.2 English
Tsubasa+ 1.8.2

The Champions Augmented Reality Game

PESHub 21 1.7.081 English
PESHub 21 1.7.081

Browse the PES database and compare statistics

Super Soccer 3v3 1.76 English

Soccer simplified to 3 vs 3 games

Idle Eleven 1.12.15 English
Idle Eleven 1.12.15

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a soccer magnate?

Bemanager 2.93.0 English
Bemanager 2.93.0

A football manager based on the real performance of the players

FOOSIO 2.10.0 English
FOOSIO 2.10.0

Fantasy football manager game

GoalKeeper Challenge 3.4 English

Football goalkeeper game for Android

Head Football 7.1.19 English

Head Soccer for Android: fun and big-headed football game

Disney Bola Soccer 1.1.4 English

Disney's football manager game

Fantasy MARCA 0.8.0 English

The fantasy soccer game from the sports newspaper Marca

Soccer Club Rivals 1.8.0 English

Create your ultimate soccer team with collectible cards

Idle Soccer Story 0.9.7 English

A completely different soccer simulator

Super Goal 0.0.31 English
Super Goal 0.0.31

Soccer puzzles to have fun

PC Futbol Legends 0.186 English

Simple and amusing football game

Flick Goal! 1.83 English

Practice your soccer skills by taking penalties

SEGA Pocket Club Manager 4.3.0 English

The pocket-sized soccer management game

Crazy Kick! 2.8.2 English

Casual game inspired by soccer

Rumble Stars English
Rumble Stars

A wild and peculiar soccer game

2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Fantasy 1.2 English

Create your own team and compete in Russia 2018

Head Ball 2 1.280 English

The football game with the biggest-headed players

Virtual Sticker 3 English

Watch the best moves of all your favorite football players

New Star Soccer 4.27 English

Become an international football star

FUT 19 Draft Simulator 1.2.0 English

New FUT Draft Simulator for Android based on FIFA Ultimate Team

Adrenalyn XL Liga Santander 8.2.0 English

Collectible card football game

Blocky Soccer 1.5.1_165 English
Blocky Soccer 1.5.1_165

A pixellated football game

Stickman Soccer 4.0 English

Play football with stickmen

LaLiga Fantasy 23-24 English

Create the perfect soccer team and take LaLiga by storm

LigaPro Manager 3.07 English

The ultimate online football manager

Dromunio 1.9.44 English
Dromunio 1.9.44

Manage Comunio's online community from your Android

Matchday Soccer Manager 2023 2023.3.0 English

Manage and coach a soccer team

tackl 1.6.0 English
tackl 1.6.0

Challenge your friends to predict the outcome of soccer games

Supernova Football 0.25.1 English

Nice strategic soccer game featuring 5v5 matches

Club Boss 1.25 English
Club Boss 1.25

Create your own soccer team and make it a champion

Retro Football Management 1.58.0 English

Become the coach of a real soccer team from the past

Tiki Taka Soccer English

Addictive soccer matches in pixel art

Prode Master 2.11.6 English
Prode Master 2.11.6

Predict the outcome of soccer games

Droll Soccer 1.0.0 English

Compilation of mini-games of different genres

Goal Party 1.18 English

Score goals around the world and celebrate your victories

Soccer Rally 97 English

Play soccer with toy cars

Crazy Soccer 1.5 English

Shoot goals in awesome settings

Eleven Kings 5.8.3 English

Manage you own soccer team

Soccer Battle 1.29.1 English

Nice multiplayer soccer games

Rocket Car Soccer League 1.10 English

Futuristic game that combines soccer and motorsport

FUT Card Creator 21 7.3.0 2020 English

App for creating cards in FIFA Ultimate Team format

UEFA Gaming 7.2.2 English

Create your soccer team with UEFA's best players

Match Attax 20/21 5.2.0 English

Soccer card game with players from UEFA competitions

Soccer Royale 2.3.6 English

A soccer game based on strategy games

Pro 11 1.0.71 English
Pro 11 1.0.71

Coach your favorite soccer teams and lead them to victory

Cool Goal! 1.8.38 English
Cool Goal! 1.8.38

Score impossible goals in this soccer game

Ball Brawl! 1.51 English

Quick-match online soccer game

WeFUT 1.21.0 English
WeFUT 1.21.0

FIFA Ultimate Team simulator

Underworld Football Manager 5.8.1 English

The soccer manager for hooligans

MPG 5.4.0 English
MPG 5.4.0

The most realistic soccer coach available

Shoot 2 Goal 4.2.9 English

Football game based on free kicks and penalties

Panini Sticker Album 3.1.0 English

The official FIFA World Cup Qatar sticker album app

Final kick: Online football 9.1.5 English

Live all the excitement of a penalty shootout

Top Stars Football League 1.42.13 English

Play with the cards of Top Stars Football

Rocketball: Championship Cup 1.1.1 English

Futuristic game that combines cars and football

Super RocketBall - Multiplayer 3.0.8 English

Futuristic game that combines football and cars

Biwenger 3.7.3 English
Biwenger 3.7.3

The best alternative to Comunio for Android

KICK 8.5.10 English
KICK 8.5.10

Collect and swap football stickers

Ultimate Fan Live 4.3.1 English

A new concept of football fantasy

NetLiga 1.2.00 English
NetLiga 1.2.00

Run a football club

GOAL 3.4.0 English
GOAL 3.4.0

An exciting penalty shootout game