Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team Android

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Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team is the Android game featuring Tsubasa and his teammates based on the popular Japanese football cartoon series from the 80s'


Play with Tsubasa and Genzo and create you dream team

May 29, 2024
9 / 10

There are probably very few people of my age who have never watched Captain Tsubasa or even pretended to be any of its characters whilst playing a football match in the park. Although soccer isn't the most popular sport in Japan, creating a manga and later an anime was a great idea due to the success it reached abroad. The main character was called Tsubasa Ozora, a kid whose best friend was a ball. Back then we loved his challenges against the goalkeeper Genzo Wakabayashi, those never-ending matches and the adventures of the other members of the New Team.

Back then we'd have loved to be able to play a video game with the favorite characters of our childhood. And although some were released for NES, none of them became too popular. The guys at KLab, taking advantage of the market sector that tries to make the most of our nostalgia, has just released the adventure game that you've always wanted to take part in, Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team for Android.

The Captain Tsubasa comic is back a mobile game!

The Captain Tsubasa game for Android phones

You'll soon realize that they've created a really complete game which can be really hard to master in all its aspects. But don't worry because Patty is around to guide you through the entire process and make sure you understand the gameplay's basics. Furthermore, this global game is completely free of charge (with its corresponding in-app purchases, if you wish).

Choose the players, the formation, the uniform, etc. and create your dream team.

Your main target is to create the best teams to play against other players online or the machine. For such purpose, you'll have to search for players, coach them, develop tactics, find the best line-up, etc. You can play as a mere spectator of the matches, play them in semi-automatic mode or play them completely. But it isn't a traditional football game as you'll have to deploy your forces on the board and solve different confrontations depending on your skills and those of your rival. As you play and get to join a Federation, you'll be able to try out different game modes:

  • Stories. Live the plot that you already know so well, reading the development and playing those legendary matches from your childhood.
  • Events. Stories that can only be played for a limited amount of time.
  • Shared game. Take part in the story of another player without spending credits.

If you were really into this series, don't hesitate to try out this game in which its developers have put plenty of effort. The graphics are identical to the original manga, and you'll be able to customize every single aspect of the game to such an extent that you won't even realize how much time you spend playing on your phone.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.4.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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