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NT 23 by NicoTom is the best FIFA Ultimate Team simulator with which players can form soccer teams and play online tournaments against other players


FIFA Ultimate Team simulator

August 7, 2023
8 / 10

FIFA Ultimate Team is the manager in the EA Sports video game, with which users can form soccer teams using cards or stickers based on the soccer players' real performances during their league matches or other official tournaments

NT 23 by NicoTom is a FUT simulator developed to help users get more information about players, learn to create excellent lineups, learn about FUT updates, and grow the community. This app has everything it needs to become the best or at least a good substitute to pass the time if you don't have FIFA but you still want to enjoy playing a good soccer manager game.

As you can imagine, you can build unlimited teams, compete in different online game modes, collect cards, market them, get prizes in exclusive challenges, etc. And always keep in mind the relationship between the different stars: it is of little use to gather the best soccer players in the world if there is no feeling between them on the field.

NT 23 main features

This peculiar manager game is far from other more classic concepts, such as Football Manager or PCFutbol, and closer to online sports management games like Biwenger, Comunio or any other decent fantasy football game you can think of. The following are the main features it has to offer us:

  • Buy and sell players on the online transfer market.
  • Play online against other users thanks to the draft mode.
  • Users can open packs of player cards from many teams and collect them.
  • The main goal is to form a strong team and move up to the first division.
  • Collect retro player cards of different years.
  • When you complete the SBC or Squad Building Challenge, you can win exclusive cards.

One of the strengths of this app is its interface design, which is quite attractive. However, like its previous versions, it is only available in English, not that that can be a problem considering you're reading this review in English, but just in case you need to know. And no, this application has no relationship at all with Electronic Arts' official game, but the truth is that you can play just as if it were. Neither has it anything to do with the famous Pacybits FUT Game, however, it has taken over from that app as the best FUT 23 application going around at present.

What's new in the latest version

  • Welcome to the demo of NT 22.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
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