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Are you a soccer expert and you'd like to experience the game from a different point of view? Become the sports manager of your very own team in Idle Eleven

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How much do you know about soccer? In this sports game from Gaminho studio we get to play as a director/manager/coach/president/sports technician of our own team. Players, choose the best tactics for your team and become a millionaire with your universal squad.

Create the best soccer team in the world

The first thing you have to do in Idle Eleven is to choose the country of the team you want to create. Once that's done, you'll start your career as a sports coach with a handful of tickets and a lot of enthusiasm.

The next step is to sign your first player. You'll have to start with the lesser players, of course. Once you've signed your first player, he'll start generating money automatically. You can invest this money in new players or in improving your players' characteristics, which will be different depending on whether he's the goalkeeper or another type of player. The more you improve your stars' skills, the more money you'll generate per second. The skills consist of:

  • Physical.
  • Defense.
  • Passing.
  • Shot.
  • Dribbling.
  • Speed.

To collect the players' winnings we have to slide our finger over the screen (they produce money even when you aren't playing). We can also win extra by participating in promotional events and specials. As we get more money, we'll be able to complete our team, transfer players and sign better athletes. Once we have 11 players and the value of our team exceeds a certain value, we can start playing matches and participating in leagues.

Create your own personalized soccer team, sign up the most sought-after players, grow and manage the team of your dreams to become a sports tycoon.

The matches are full throttle and run automatically. Our job is to choose the player who will shoot every time your team has the chance to score a goal. Each player has a percentage chance of success, which varies depending on his skills and what you have trained him in.

As for the graphics, the game looks really cool, using minimalist, clean and modern designs. It also boasts a great, active soundtrack. If you're a pro soccer player, you'll like Idle Eleven.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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Laura Stutt
3 months ago
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