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New Star Soccer is similar to FIFA's legend mode: choose a football player, turn him into the best player in the world and win the Ballon d'Or from scratch

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Remember that song from Disney's Hercules movie, 'Zero to Hero'? Well, that's more or less what you'll experience in this football game for Android called New Star Soccer. Choose a name and gender for your character and start playing in the lowest tiers of semi-professional football. It doesn't sound too promising but the best stores start off from scratch.

The much acclaimed football game adored by players and video game journalists.

Thus, you'll have to earn your promotions with plenty of effort to reach the highest football levels. The gameplay is as original as strange. You'll read about the development and outcome of each match on a panel as if you were reading it on a news site. You can only play when your character receives the ball although your options are limited to passing, assisting or shooting. And sometimes you'll also have to dribble the ball and run through your opposition. Therefore, the majority of the time you'll be reading instead of playing.

Keep your teammates, your coach, your couple, and your sponsors happy whilst you face up to exciting decisions and matches.

Much more than just a football match

But not only will you have to play but also manage your private and personal life. Negotiate your contract, your buyout clause, sponsorships, recover from your effort by drinking energy drinks, and purchase all sorts of items with your wages. You can buy objects, vehicles, and properties that will improve your lifestyle and your recovery times. You can also spend your money at the casino, invest it in keeping your fans happy, hiring the services of a personal coach, and finding your significant other. And this is just a football game, so if you like how it sounds you can try it out by downloading its APK from Google Play.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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