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Are you fond of mini pocket-size football games? Top League Soccer offers you a really simple experience with loads and loads of customizable options


Play intense football matches with your own team

February 18, 2020
7 / 10

According to the developers of this title for Android devices, this is a very easy game to play, but difficult to master. Top League Soccer is a simple three-dimensional football game in which we can gradually create our own team and take part in various sports leagues and championships.

Exciting 3D football games on your Android

If you compare this game with other football-based titles, you may not get much of a kick out of it. However, if you want to enjoy football matches without major complications, this game is for you.

The teams featured here are based on real teams that are easily recognisable. The players may not be as well known. You can sell them and sign new ones to create the team of your dreams, with which you can achieve all the goals proposed by the game and be the champion in the different championships.

Experience the new 2020 action football game and become a hero!

The games are played in an aerial perspective with fairly automatic control. To play we have a virtual joystick in the lower right corner, while in the lower right corner we have four action buttons, whose functions will change depending on whether we are playing in attack or defense (tackle, pass, shot on goal, etc.). However, the buttons have no indicators and at no point do they tell us what each one is for, so we'll have to pull out all the stops and use our imagination.

The 3D graphics are correct, just like that, while the interface is quite bland. However, it's the experience that matters and football lovers will certainly enjoy it. In addition, you can enjoy a good football game at any time without an internet connection.

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