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Prove that you're one of the best football managers in the world in the videogame Football Master, a complete and exciting football strategy title


Online football strategy game

May 20, 2024
8 / 10

There's a saying that says we're prime ministers during the week and football managers on weekends. This game is precisely about this second aspect, about managing a team and getting to know if we're better than Mourinho, Ferguson or Guardiola.

Online real-time football strategy game

Install the APK of Football Master to find a bit of everything: a dose of FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer in its match simulator and a pinch of Football Manager when it comes to preparing lineups and tactics... but that's it because this game is all about coaching.

Here you'll be assigned a team and choose a captain. The rest of the team will be made up by random names chosen between real-life football players that match the positions you need to cover in your squad. From there on, you'll have to coach your players and define your strategy to win each match.

Although it has touches of manager games, it's basically about coaching.

But without a doubt, the aspect that you'll appreciate the most is the fact that you're going to play against other users like yourself that are trying to make themselves a name in the world of football. You'll play against them in matches in which you won't control the players directly: instead, you'll have to modify your tactics as the match advances, make the right substitutions, strengthen your defense or attack... and all the latter, whilst your rival does exactly the same.

It's a complete coaching game that comes along with the following features and functions:

  • Become a technical director and scout players.
  • Coach players and design tactics.
  • Become a real-time coach in online football matches.
  • Take part in all sorts of tournaments such as world leagues, cups, and others.
  • Make the most of the official FIFPro licenses of the best players and teams in Europe.
  • Build your team choosing between thousands of players.
  • Challenge other players and earn rewards.

The game's advanced artificial intelligence will offer you a rich and fun experience. And all the latter so you can become the best coach ahead of Guardiola, Klopp, Mourinho and company.

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