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Tsubasa+ is the soccer game based on manga and anime of Captain Tsubasa with which you can play in a simulator in front of your favorite soccer players

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Captain Tsubasa, an anime series known by many as Champions and part of the manga of the same name, is considered legendary by many of its followers. These have vibrated with the adventures of Oliver, Benji and other characters around soccer.

Take on your favourite footballers

Tsubasa+ is one more of the games dedicated to the franchise and that allows us to embody one of the characters of the series in a soccer simulator with peculiar characteristics. A game that in his moment was born as a project of augmented reality to the Pokémon Go or Harry Potter: Wizards Unite but that finally has been shaped in a format that allows us to challenge to other players in games 1v1.

Tsubasa Plus has FIFPRO licenses so we can find real players as well as the main characters of the series. We will face them with a button combination system that provokes different types of plays and dribbles. In that sense it is more similar to a RPG type game than a soccer simulator.

It is a soccer game quite different from what we are used to see, especially if we think about titles known as FIFA or PES. These are its main features and functions:

  • Participate in one on one challenges.
  • Game system based on buttons and skills available.
  • Get powerups and use them in your games.
  • Tour stadiums around the world.
  • Real players under FIFPRO license.
  • Improve your skills to level up.
Requirements and additional information:
Shay O’Toole
Shay O’Toole
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