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With Aptik you can move on from one version of Ubuntu to another without losing your installed packages. Download Aptik, the Ubuntu migration tool, for free

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If you need to reinstall Ubuntu, or if you want to try out an upgrade of this distribution, you first need to download Aptik free of charge.

The Ubuntu migration tool you need.

Aptik is an interesting program with which you can backup the packages installed on your computer, so as to be able to recover them comfortably on your new Ubuntu installation.

Options offered by Aptik

Once the application has been installed, we only have to choose a location where to make the backup and select those elements that we're interested in. We can choose between the following options:

  • Themes installed.
  • Recovery of external repositories added after the system's installation.
  • Software downloaded to cache.
  • All the software installed (except for the programs included in the system by default).

A fifth option allows us to change the ownership of the files, just in case we're going to use a different user in the new installation.

If you're thinking about changing your Ubuntu, download Aptik, a great tool to carry out backups of the system's packages.

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