The best vehicles available for Call of Duty Mobile

In COD Mobile's Battle Royale mode, there are several vehicles that you can use to move faster to the safe zone. Some of them are aimed more at combat while others are ideal for escaping or getting to the safe zone as soon as possible. Here are the best options available.

Antelope A20: Ground safety

For overland travel, there are multiple options to choose from, but without a doubt, the most useful vehicle is the Antelope A20. Thanks to its machine gun, one of the teammates can dissuade anyone who wants to approach, while on the other hand, it is possible to escape at a certain speed by land.

Antelope A20, a very safe option to move around on the groundAntelope A20, a very safe option to move around on the ground

Helicopter: To move quickly by air

If the safe zone is far away or you need to escape quickly, the best option is the helicopter. By moving through the air, it will be very difficult for opponents to defeat it or to reach your teammates, who can take advantage of it to heal themselves while you fly away.

The helicopter is the fastest vehicleThe helicopter is the fastest vehicle

Boat: To travel by sea

Together with the helicopter, it is the only vehicle used to cross the sea and it is very useful since it moves at high speed. It lets you carry a full squad, so from inside, passengers can take the opportunity to shoot whoever crosses your path.

The boat is appropriate to cross the seaThe boat is appropriate to cross the sea

Tank: For high damage attack

The most deadly vehicle in COD Mobile is the tank. In addition to being very difficult to defeat, thanks to its cannons, it is possible to heavily attack anyone who comes close to it. The only bad thing is its low speed, so you should only use it in a safe area.

The tank is the sturdiest vehicleThe tank is the sturdiest vehicle

Snowboarding: For quick descent of snow-covered mountains

It is not an especially useful vehicle, but at least it is useful for quickly descending snowy mountains. Although you may not have to do it very often, in case you are in such a situation, this is the perfect vehicle for the occasion.

The snowboard is used to travel around snowy mountainsThe snowboard is used to travel around snowy mountains

Now, you know all the possible ways to move through the scenarios of the game ensuring your victory.