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CLI Companion is a useful command console that includes all the common commands to work on Linux. Learn everything about the terminal with CLI Companion

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CLI Companion is a terminal that includes a list with the most common commands. If you don't want to use Linux because of the difficulty of resorting to the use of the command line terminal, CLI Companions will come in very handy.

  This application programmed in Python, has a list with different commands that are usually used and their description. Furthermore, it will offer us the possibility to customize this list, by adding or eliminating commands. We will also be able to carry out searches to find a specific command.

  But these aren't all of its features, CLI Companion includes an integrated terminal. Thus, we will only have to select the command that we want from the list, and by means of a button we will be able to launch it in the command console. Thanks to this, we'll find it easier and easier to use the terminal, and we will gradually memorize the most important commands.

  The descriptions for each command are in English, but those users that use another language will have the possibility to edit it and add a description in their own language, so as to make it easier to find the commands that they may require. A simple yet useful application that offers us many possibilities.
Requirements and additional information:
This download only works with distributions based on Debian (including Ubuntu).
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