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Download Debian Package Maker free to compile installers in DEB format. Debian Package Maker create DEB files that can be used on Debian and Ubuntu distros

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Debian Package Maker means a step forward in what regards to the creation of application installers for distributions based on Debian/Ubuntu because, from a very comfortable interface, we will be able compile source code in DEB files.

  The program works in two different modes:

  - Target Mode: In which we have to specify the installation folder manually and the files that are installed in the application folder.

  - Source Mode: In which the program manages the packaging of source files, using its own rules.

  From the interface we can access different tabs in which we can manage the dependencies, add scripts to the installation, edit the information of the file or add the necessary commentaries and suggestions.

  If you want a program that will allow you to compile installers in a quick, easy and efficient mode, without needing to write a single line in the terminal, download and try out Debian Package Maker as soon as possible, one of the most versatile tools to create DEB files.
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