Play Sudoku on your computer's screen thanks to this great game. Download eoSudoku free to start filling in blocks and thus develop your mental dexterity

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You will surely know Sudoku, a popular mental dexterity game in which you have fill in the empty block of a grid following a specific set of rules: don't repeat the same number in any of the lines, columns or subgrids.

  eoSudoku is a software application based on a popular pastime in which you will be able to play up to 1000 different screens with three difficulty levels from which to choose. Test you numeric dexterity trying to complete each of these screens.

  You will be able to save your game and go back to it at any moment, even though if you find that you have completing a specific grid, eoSudoku can help your out by checking certain results. Nevertheless, your score will be penalized if you do so.

  If you aren't so familiarized with this game you will be able to check the guide that the developers have included. By simply reading it you will be able to start solving all these problems.

  Do you like playing Sudoku? Once you download eoSudoku free you will be able to enjoy it on your computer's screen.
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