Facebook is a social network designed to "connect" people through personal publications, sharing information, news, or audiovisual content. The idea is to establish contact with people close to us such as friends and family, colleagues who went to school with us, or people who have similar interests to ours.

It currently has around 2.4 billion users worldwide, experiencing exponential growth almost from its beginning. The only complaint is the concern for the privacy of the users, something that is reproached to the platform every day, and that makes some voices wonder if using it is safe.

As to what it is for, in the beginning, we said that it serves to communicate people more or less close (and distant) through different interests or vital moments in common. However, it has also become a huge advertising showcase that companies also take advantage of.

In any case, and from the point of view of a personal user (which is the one we are interested in), Facebook serves for all these options:

  • Post moods or thoughts that the user has at the time.
  • Post individual pictures or entire albums.
  • Share news that may be interesting for the user or his/her community of contacts.
  • Sharing multimedia and audiovisual content.
  • Play with friends or other users.
  • Create groups or communities of people with similar interests
  • Meeting new people with similar interests to ours.
  • Create surveys to ask users questions.
  • Broadcast live video.
  • Chat in real-time with other users.

Facebook is an open ecosystem and is constantly changing and renewing itself. Therefore, the functions it offers also change over time.