FIFA 13 takes the football simulation experience to another level with great technical and graphical improvements. The best football simulation with FIFA 13

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When it comes to speaking about football (soccer) simulators there are two game sagas which always spring to mind: PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) and FIFA. These two sagas have fought for the first position on the market for more than a decade, although over the last few years the title by EA Sports seems to have come out on top, something that they want to prove once again with FIFA 13.

The most trustworthy recreation

Technological advances have allowed the games from the FIFA saga to reach an extremely realistic level of recreation of soccer, with striking graphics and movements that are copied accurately from many world class players.

As in any noteworthy title, in FIFA 2013 one of the most important features is the vast amount of innovations that have been introduced:

  • First touch: They have modified the way in which the players receive the ball, providing the defense with more possibilities to fight for a divided ball or for the attackers to use the ball control to automatically pass the ball.
  • Intelligent attack: the AI has been improved so the players movements take into account the position of each defender and each teammate, opening spaces for passes and getting clear of the defense.
  • Improved dribbling: They have applied a higher degree of versatility to the players' movements, in such a way that it will be possible to face an opponent with realistic possibilities of dribbling him or take on a defensive positioning to protect the ball.
  • Improved training system. EA Sport has decided to add many new additional exercises to the training sessions, making it possible for players to really improve their game handling through the exercises.

Copy the movements of Xavi or Iniesta or strike the ball with the force of a raging bull from the edge of the box, just like Cristiano Ronaldo.

Additionally, FIFA 13 includes some of the factors which made its predecessors such important football games such as the Career Mode, which allows us to start a career at a club and go all the way to stardom with a national team, or the Online Mode, which allows players to play against people from all over the world.

Download FIFA 13 for free to be able to discover what the best football simulator to the date includes.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The demo only allows you to play a quick match using one of five teams: Manchester City, Arsenal, AC Milan, Borussia Dortmund or Juventus.
  • The download includes the application Origin from which you can access the demo or purchase the game. Once you have installed Origin, access Store >> Demos and select Fifa 13 to download the corresponding demo.
  • You need to have a user account for this service.
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