Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition iPhone

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition is the adaptation for iPhone of FFXV with a childish design that keeps the same storyline and gameplay of the original title

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Final Fantasy is one of the most important role-playing game sagas in the history of video games. It has landed on almost all platforms, it has led to animes, and there are plenty of installments that belong both to the main series and to spin-offs and other complementary titles.

One of its latest versions can be downloaded to iPhone and also Android. It goes by the name of Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition, one of the typical pocket versions we're getting used to as of lately, that offers us all the adventures of the saga but with characters and settings redesigned to look more childish.

An adventure with ten episodes

This version of the role-playing adventure game is split into 10 chapters and follows a formula similar to other titles of the likes of Super Mario Run. In other words, the user can download the game for free and play the first episode without paying a cent. However, if you want to continue playing, you'll have to pay to unlock the next ones. It's better than having to pay directly for the entire game just in case we don't like it.

The plot revolves around the crown of Prince Noctis, whom we'll have to help to recover it and that has also been left for dead. That's our mission in FFXV, to avenge the death of our father and rescue our wife-to-be Lunafreya, with the help of our friends Prompto, Gladiolus, and Ignis.

The adaptation of FFXV to a childish format.

The truth is that it's a version of FFXV tuned into a chibi or childish version but preserving the same gameplay and storyline, and adapting it to touchscreen devices: we only have to tap our screen to move around, talk, and fight.

As we said at the beginning, the game includes ten chapters of which only the first one is free. It's up to the user to decide whether to buy the rest of them altogether or separately at a different price.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: iOS 10.0.
  • Compatible with:
    • iPhone
    • iPad
    • iPod touch
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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