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Fluxbox is a windows manager for the X-Windows environment ideal for computers with few resources. You will be able to organize your windows with Fluxbox

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Fluxbox is a window manager for X11 based on Blackbox. Its main favorable factors are its great speed and simplicity, mainly due to how minimalistic it is. It is a very light windows manager that you will be able to customize as much as you want. You will be able to specify the frames, colors, transparencies and other features of the appearance on your desktop.

  This manager will allow you to have a simple and minimalistic work environment. With a single toolbar, you will have all the rest of necessary elements organized in the context menu. When you need any function, you will simply have to click with the right mouse button. Fluxbox also has support for rounded windows and various graphic effects for the elements.

  Fluxbox uses keyboard shortcuts and very simple menus as interfaces, which you will be able to edit to your own liking. You will be able to configure the menus, icons, wallpapers and windows until you like what they look like, adapting them to how you work.

  If you are looking for a quick, light and simple window manager, you will like Fluxbox, because it has all these features.
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