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GTA Vice City - Grand Theft Auto is the fourth installment of GTA. Download the game to your Mac and become the leader of Vice City's organized crime

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Let's set the scene: Vice City in 1986. The character in question, Tommy Vercetti, has just got out of prison after 15 years and his former boss is eager to expand his business on the other coast. Is there a better idea than opening a new branch of his organized crime business? Climb in the crime hierarchy of your new city with GTA Vice City - Grand Theft Auto for Mac.

Take control of a city full of temptations and dishonour.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is the fourth installment of the GTA saga, popular due to its high doses of violence. It's a non-linear sandbox action and adventure game. Move around an immense city based on Miami, completing missions and fighting against the place's capos for the control of the streets.

Welcome to the 80's.

Features of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

  • Graphic engine of GTA 3.
  • Wide range of weapons.
  • Great variety of vehicles. Tune into different radio stations while you drive around.
  • Game only recommended for adults.

Murders, drug dealing, street fights... Make use of the most dishonest trades to control the streets of Vice City. Make your business flourish and you can gradually mix in with the city's aristocracy, diversifying your income to become a respectable person within the community.

Live the exciting story of a criminal by downloading Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for Mac!

Requirements and additional information:

  • This is a pay-to-play version.
  • Requires Mac OS X 10.6.6 or above.

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