How to update Harry Potter Wizards Unite

There are two different ways to update the game on an Android device. You can do this through our website or by using Google Play and the functions integrated into the Android operating system.

How to update Harry Potter Wizards Unite through Malavida

The first thing you should do is check your version number on the device. To do this, look for the icon to access the settings on your phone and go to the Apps & notifications section.

Search on the Apps & notifications menuSearch on the Apps & notifications menu

Once you are in front of the next menu, select the option App info.

Access App infoAccess App info

Now, slide your finger across the screen until you find the entrance to the game and tap it.

Search for the Wizards Unite entrySearch for the Wizards Unite entry

Scroll down to the end of the new screen and you will see the corresponding numbering of the version you have installed. Write down this number.

Write down the version numberWrite down the version number

The next thing you should do is visit our game review and check the version number we offer: it is always the latest version available. Does the number of the installed version match ours? In that case, your game is up to date and you have nothing else to do. On the contrary, is your version number lower? That means there is a more recent version you can install.

Press the green download button that you can find at the end of this tutorial and repeat the operation in the following windows if necessary. As a result, you will be redirected to Google Play, which will detect that the game is already installed, so it will offer you an update. Tap on Update on the right side of the screen.

Update button on Google PlayUpdate button on Google Play

After a few seconds, you will see the Open button if you want to launch the game at that very moment. You can also look for its icon among your menu of installed apps.

Button to open the new version installedButton to open the new version installed

How to update Harry Potter Wizards Unite via Google Play

The second option is to use the Google Play Store or the integrated features of the Android operating system. To get started, locate and access the Play Store app on your phone. At the top, just on the left side of the browser, press the icon of the three horizontal lines.

Open the Play Store menuOpen the Play Store menu

In the menu that displays from the left side of the screen, select the entry My apps & games.

Access My apps & gamesAccess My apps & games

The operating system will automatically check which of the installed apps have a new version available, all under the Updates tab which is the one that appears first by default. Is the Harry Potter game among them? In that case, there is a new version available. Tap the Update button on the right.

Press UpdatePress Update

Once the update is complete, you can open the game directly from here by tapping on Open.

Open the new version with OpenOpen the new version with Open

In addition, there is a way to get apps to update automatically without you having to intervene at all. If you visit the review of the game (or any app) in the store and tap on the top right three vertical dots icon, an option called Enable auto-update will be displayed. Check the box if you want that app to update automatically.

Here you can enable automatic updates for certain appsHere you can enable automatic updates for certain apps

If you want this to work in all your apps, including Harry Potter, reopen the Google Play side menu by tapping the three horizontal stripes icon in the search engine.

Open the Play Store menuOpen the Play Store menu

Select Settings.

Go to SettingsGo to Settings

Tap on the Auto-update apps option.

Search for the Auto-update apps optionSearch for the Auto-update apps option

Choose the option you want to update on any network, exclusively on Wi-fi or never.

Choose the update modeChoose the update mode

As you can see, you can update the game in two different ways. That way, you will have the latest version with all the changes and corrections that have been published so far.