Hi-Fi RUSH is an original rhythm-based game that brings together action (slash 'em up), music, and artistic design that radiates its own personality


Action and rhythm in a truly original slash 'em up

March 20, 2024
8 / 10

The hallmark feature of some of the most recent and most successful video games is that they are driven by originality. And if you don't agree, check out Hi-Fi RUSH - a game from Tango Gameworks and Bethesda Softworks that arrives ready to revolutionize our PC to the beat of the music.

Slash 'em up to beat of the music

All we have to do is download Hi-Fi RUSH for PC to appreciate that this is an H&S where the gameplay revolves around diverse mechanics. And rhythm plays the leading role in all of them. The story introduces us to the wannabe rock star Chai and an even weirder and more quirky group of allies who are set on overthrowing an evil mega-corporation to the rhythm of the music. Below, we share the game's key features:

  • An HnS where the gameplay and mechanics are all about the music and the beat.
  • An addictive combat system in which we get to sync moves and music in a kind of explosive action-packed video clip.
  • Lots of extra content and cosmetics.
  • Unlock combat skills and a bunch of other upgrades thanks to the gears.

Feel the rhythm of the music to the beat of H&S.

When we play Hi-Fi RUSH, we get to play a game that is as original as it is entertaining. Music and rhythm, action and brawls, tons of content, and artistic design that radiates its own personality. Who else gives you all that?

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Windows 10.
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