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Highway Rider is a motorbike racing game for Android devices. This motorcycling game is so realistic that you can almost feel the wind in your face

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There are loads of motorbike games out there. But if you're into the most realistic ones, Highway Rider can be a great option. Well, realistic to a certain extent because in any biking club they'll tell you that there's nothing like riding a real-life motorbike. If you want to save yourself years of learning and more than one speeding fine, you can always resort to your Android device to simulate a stunning bike race under the rain.

Experience the excitement of riding different motorbikes at full speed along challenging racing tracks.

Both the graphics and the atmosphere and sound of the engines are very realistic. The controls are extremely simple, you've only got a few buttons to accelerate, to change your direction, and to choose the camera; you can go for different views depending on the way you ride and the experience you're looking for. As you play and win races, you'll be able to earn money that you can invest in improving your motorbike, customizing it or buying a better bike. Although, if you want the best of them all, you'll have to spend real-life money, as couldn't be otherwise.

Racing modes and levels

You can play in normal, semi-pro, and professional difficulty. The different gaming modalities are divided into four modes:

  • Career.
  • Single event.
  • Racing tracks.
  • Multiplayer (at beta stage).

Careers are divided into seasons, and in each season there are ten different tracks to be unlocked as you evolve from one level to the next and on which you'll have to race around through the traffic and dodging other obstacles. In the single events, you can race against another player or against yourself and the clock, choosing the number of laps, the type of traffic, and even its direction. On the race tracks, you can race against another player or against cars. Sounds interesting, doesn't it? Well, download and install its APK to try it out for yourself but beware of the notifications, they can be somewhat bothersome.

Different kinds of tracks: nighttime, rain and snow, realistic with other traffic, in cities, on countryside roads, and in the middle of the desert.

Cheats and tricks

The best tip that we can give you is to avoid leaving the track and to try not to crash into other cars while competing. Although this advice is equally appropriate for real-life driving. In the game, you'll get penalized with time but in real life things are more serious and expensive.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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