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Speak with all your friends once you download KMess free of charge, an instant messaging client similar to Live Messenger and focused on KDE desktops

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There are free instant messaging networks, but unfortunately for Linux users the statistics show that the majority of their friends will still be under Microsoft's influence, and be using Live Messenger.

  KMess is an instant messaging client for KDE desktops developed so that you can communicate with your Live Messenger contacts as easily and with practically the same features as if you were using the client developed by Microsoft.

  It will also come in handy for those users that have migrated from Windows, and want an application that is more are less the same as the one they used before.

  KMess allows the use of the same emoticons, nudges and winks as Live Messenger, thus allowing you to see all the symbols sent by your contacts.

  It allows file transfers, showing a small thumbnail of the file to be transferred.

  It allows you to chat even if you're in invisible mode, it admits notifications just like the client by Microsoft, and it even includes features that are inherent to the Messenger Plus! plug-in.

  Furthermore, it adds the possibility to connect to other instant messenger networks and a whole load of features and personalization possibilities that you wouldn't be able to find in Live Messenger.

  All in all, an instant messaging client that as well as including the same features as other open source clients, improves your communications with your contacts that still use Live Messenger.
Requirements and additional information:
Even though it was designed for KDE, it can also work on GNOME desktops.
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