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KMid is a MIDI and KAR files player that also adds some additional functions. You can download KMid to your computer for free to play all these files

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KMid is a program developed to be used by those users that have the need to play MIDI or KAR (used for karaoke) files, adding certain functions that aren't usually available on the majority of players.

  One of the most striking tools of this software application is the feature that allows you to send the data signal to any software or hardware synthesizer, so as to be able to listen to the songs played by quality instruments and not using the MIDI module included in the majority of sound cards that are currently on the market.

  The interface can be somewhat complex, specially if you haven't used a synthesizer previously. From the main window you will be able to see the song's lyrics, as well as being able to silence the channels that you don't want to listen to. The mode in which it shows the music on the keyboard and the lyrics of the songs are totally customizable.

  Discover the program that karaoke and MIDI synthesizer fans will really like, by downloading KMid.
Requirements and additional information:
Requires KDE 4 or above.
Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas
Over a year ago
More than a year ago
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