Tips and tricks about APKs and files on the Malavida App Store

At Malavida, you can find thousands of Android applications that you can download to your device. These apps have their own native format: do you know what an APK file is? Have you ever had to deal with an XAPK file? Don’t know what to do with OBB files? Every day, Android users have to face up to these situations when it comes to managing and controlling the content of their phones and it’s not always an easy task to deal with.

For such reason, we want to explain everything you need to know about the Android file system. From our web you can download as many files as you can imagine but you might not know that you need to carry out a few prior adjustments to your phone to be able to open them, that certain file types can’t be installed as usual because they aren’t compatible or that you can use them on other devices other than cellphones and tablets, such as computer or Android TV sets. You might have come across an OBB file without knowing what it is or how to use it or you might not know how to install and app because you don’t know how to get around with ZIP files or the split APKs they contain… Just carry on reading this tutorial to find the answer to all these situations and discover loads of tricks and trips for when it comes to working with Android files.

What are XAPK files and what are they for

An XAPK file is an Android application installation file that includes the APK file plus some extra files, known as OBB expansion data files, which are essential for functioning. These OBB files are usually downloaded once the app has been installed, but in some cases it is good to have them earlier, and they are usually cache data, additional information, data bases, user game maps or information… It is an alternative, unofficial, executable file, and if you try to install them normally by clicking on them you will just get an error message - the operating system’s default installer doesn’t recognize them and therefore does not allow you to open or run them.


What is an APK and what is it for

An APK is an Android application installation file with an .apk extension, comparable to EXE in Windows and DMG in Mac. It is actually a variant of the Java JAR format, basically a compressed ZIP file which can be inspected with archive file software. It contains all the necessary data for correctly installing and running an app on an Android device.


How to install Split APKs from a ZIP file

If you’re dealing with Split APKs, their installation is quite different compared to ordinary apps as you’ll need to make use of an additional tool. The first thing is to download Split APKs Installer (SAI) by pressing the green Download button at the bottom of this page.


How to install XAPK files

If you’re dealing with an XAPK file and try to install it, you’ll get an error message. To install this kind of file correctly on Android, you’ll need to make use of a special sort of installer as Android isn’t capable of recognizing them.


How to install and open APK files on Android

We are going to explain how to install APK files on an Android device. But before we get into it, there are two essential prior steps to be carried out whenever you want to install an APK that doesn’t come from Google Play. The first is to give the operating system permission to do so if you’re using a version of Android lower than 8.0. Go to Settings on your phone or tablet (bear in mind that the aspect of the menus may vary on different phones).


How to install an APK on your Android TV

There are several ways to install an APK file on an Android TV. The process will depend, on one hand, on the app that you want to install and, on the other, on the device which runs Android TV: each manufacturer and each version is a separate world, so you will have to combine all techniques for installing your apps so that they work. Also, keep in mind that not all Android apps are supported or 100% functional on Android TV.


How to open APK files on your PC

There are several ways to open APK files on a computer, which really means to install APK files on Windows, but currently the most stable and practical is to use an emulator. There are several on the market, and here we tell you how to open APK files with two of the best and most popular – BlueStacks and Nox Player.


What are additional OBB files and what are they for

OBB expansion files (Opaque Binary Blob) are extra files added to the APK, which are used in the Android application installation process and have an .obb extension. While the APK files store an app’s basic components, OBB files save all additional information and all necessary data for correct functioning. They were introduced onto Android in the operating system’s Gingerbread version 2.3.


October 31, 2019 (Updated November 27, 2019). Translated by Antony Peel