To create a lead (also known as a rein or leash) you need to get some materials beforehand:

  • 4 strings
  • 1 Slimeball

The string is easy to obtain, you can get it by eliminating spiders. It is also possible to manufacture them from a cobweb. Slime balls, on the other hand, are obtained by killing slimes or making them out of a slime block.

Once you have these ingredients, go to a crafting table and place them as follows:

  • First row: Two strings, one on the left and one in the center. The right box is left free.
  • Second row: A string on the left and the slime ball in the center. The right box is left free.
  • Third row: One string to the right, the other two squares free.
Crafting a leadCrafting a lead

This way, we get 2 leads for every 4 strings and ball of slime we use.

What is the lead used for and how to use it?

The lead is used to tie animals so that you can take them wherever you want. In Minecraft, it is possible to tie several animals at the same time, although this requires the use of several leads. With the lead, it is possible to tie any animal except bats and hostile creatures.

To use it, select it by tapping on an animal as soon as you are close to it. The animal will be automatically leashed. It is very easy to lead it, the animal will follow you wherever you go. With the animal leashed, you can tap on a fence so that the animal stays tied to it. Be careful because the leads do not have infinite resistance, if you move too far away from the animal, the lead will break.