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MiniDLNA is a DLNA server that allows you to connect the multimedia content of your computer to the TV or any other device. Download MiniDLNA for free

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We are sure that you are tired of transferring your films and series to a USB drive to be able to watch them on your TV. Now there is a way to avoid doing so: MiniDLNA. It is a DLNA server that allows you to share the folders with multimedia contents of your Linux distribution with the television or another device like PlayStation or Xbox.

What is a DLNA server?

This technology allows several devices to communicate so that they can share contents with one another directly. Each day there are more televisions, video game consoles and mobiles that include this technology. MiniDLNA allows to convert a computer into a server that will provide the device that you are going to play on with contents. Thus you will no longer have to record your films on a USB drive to watch them on the television. All you will have to do is create a network between your TV and your PC.

To stream audiovisual contents from your computer to another device, you'll have to install MiniDLNA and configure it to share the folder where you have the audiovisual material stored with the device on which you want to play it.

Don't hesitate and download MiniDLNA for free.

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