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The largest offer of audiovisual streaming content is available on Netflix. Paying a monthly instalment, Netflix offers unlimited access to films and series

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What was originally conceived as a video store on which you could make online orders for movies and TV shows, has now become one of the greatest legal audiovisual content streaming platforms all over the world. We are talking about Netflix, which currently has more than 30 million subscribers.

A vast audiovisual catalog with no downloads

Netflix users are entitled, in exchange for a monthly instalment, to the unlimited consumption of all the contents of the movie and series catalog, which includes some exclusive contents. Via streaming and without downloads, the films and TV shows can be played immediately and in high quality on your computer screen, TV or any other device with an Internet connection.

TV shows and movies without limits by means of a monthly subscription.


  • Extensive audiovisual catalog with exclusive contents.
  • High-quality playback via streaming.
  • Possibility to play the contents on any device with an Internet connection.
  • Customized offer.
  • Rental of DVDs and Blu-ray by means of the post service.

An offer adapted to each user

Although subscribers have access to all the contents, the latter will be offered depending on their tastes and interests, according to the profile filled in by each service user. The system will gradually fine-tune the recommendations based on the scores given to the films and series, to offer an increasingly customised service.

Sign up on Netflix and enjoy one of the best offers on legal audiovisual contents that can be found on the Internet.

Requirements and additional information:
  • This is a paid application.
  • Netflix is not available in all countries.
  • The rental service by means of post is only offered in the USA.
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