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Pasaffe is the perfect tool to always have all the passwords that you use at hand. Save your passwords somewhere safe with Pasaffe, download it now

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With the growing number of online services that the majority of users access each day, it is becoming more and more difficult to remember each and every one of the user names and passwords they use, because as everyone knows, to be able to maintain a high security level you have to use a different one for each of them. So as to avoid worrying about this you can use Pasaffe.

Pasaffe is a small application that contains a database to save passwords and user names. As well as this data, it also allows you to associate a website address to each of them and even to add explanation notes or reminders about each of the pages.

Using this software is very simple, because when it is opened it will be necessary to input a master password without which it will be impossible to access the data and after that it will only be necessary to input the different information about each online service that is used.

On the other hand, Pasaffe allows you to copy the information from the application and even has a mode where it doesn't show the passwords, in case anybody is looking while you are using the application.

Download Pasaffe to make sure that you have your passwords and user names stored safely.

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