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Quitter is a social network almost identical to Twitter, the upper hand of which is the use of decentralized servers such as GNU Social and StatusNet

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Twitter is now in for some anticapitalist competition. We're talking about Quitter, a microblogging social network that has been developed to look just like the latter.

A Twitter clone

Regarding its functioning, there's not much more we can say that any Twitter user doesn't already know: you can write your queets, interact with other users, requeet, mark favs, create user lists (although, in this case, they are called groups)... All the latter from a user account that can be customized with an image, a biography and a URL to a personal web, if you have one.

So, where's the difference?

As well as the fact that queets can contain up to 250 characters, the main difference has to with its conception. Quitter is based on decentralized servers that run GNU Social, StatusNet and compatible systems. These protocols allow us to communicate with users registered on different servers, without needing to sign up on all of them.

A totally decentralized social network.

Therefore, this system, called a federation, is decentralized and less controllable than services like Twitter, for instance. That's why Quitter has been branded as an anticapitalist platform.

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