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SageMath is an open source mathematics program for Linux that comes along as solid and reliable alternative to other commercial solutions like Matlab

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The most powerful maths programs are usually sold under commercial license and at a rather expensive price, as in the example of Matlab. But that's not the case of SageMath, an open source maths program for Linux that intends to be a reliable alternative to applications like Mathematica or Maple.

SageMath is to Matlab what Firefox is to Internet Explorer.

Created in 2005 by a maths professor at Washington University, and in constant evolution ever since, this program written in Python is based on over 100 open source maths packages that are combined under a single application. The result is an applied maths program that has nothing to envy from other paid solutions.

Main features

SageMath is a very suitable tool for both students and engineers, as well as researchers that work in any field that requires maths software to carry out advanced calculations:

  • Numerical calculus and linear algebra.
  • Theory of groups.
  • Cryptography.
  • Combinatorics.
  • 2D and 3D graphical representations.
  • Work with vectors and matrices.
  • Solution of polynomials.
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