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Skencil allows us to work with vector images on Linux. After downloading Skencill free you'll have access to one of the alternatives to CorelDRAW for Linux

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When it comes to working with vector images on Windows there are many options available, with programs like CorelDRAW or Adobe Illustrator. But when it comes to working on Linux there are very alternatives, and if you want to access an alternative to CorelDRAW for Linux you have to resort to Inkscape or Skencil.

An easy way to work with vector images

How the main elements of Skencil work and how they are placed is identical to the vast majority of vector drawing tools on the market, using floating windows to make the users' work much easier.

Among the noteworthy features of Skencil it's worth highlighting that it was one the first tools for Linux that allowed us to work with layers, something that allows us to separate the different parts of a project in such a way that it won't be at all complicated to fix or change certain aspects of a drawing.

The great success of Skencil in it first years on the market was such that it eventually gave place to a fork project that also managed to attain certain level of importance: sK1, that could have perfectly been the alternative to Corel Draw for Linux.

Therefore, if you want to have access to one of the vector drawing tools with the most years of development behind it on Linux, you only have to download Skencil for free.

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