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Tiny Dice Dungeon is a role-playing game application that traces the steps of old-school games, both in terms of its gameplay and its pixelated graphics

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Classic role-players will have a great time with this game developed by the Springloaded studio. Enjoy a nice classic and pixelated adventure playing role in the traditional style: with dice.

A pixelated adventure with a retro style

As usual in role-playing games, Tiny Dice Dungeon fully immerses us in a medieval world full of monsters. But this game has an element that makes it special: combats are developed in turns by rolling the dice.

Once we have chosen a mission, we will face different creatures in order to get a reward. When it is our turn, we can roll as many dice (six-sided) as we want to throw our attack. But the problem is that if we get a one on any of the rolls, our attack will miss and it will be our opponent's turn.

An adventure with tiny heroes through dark dungeons full of giant monsters to get the ultimate treasure.

Also, on top of each monster, we will see a number. If we can get that number out on any of our rolls, we can catch him. Once the monster is on our team, we can take him into battle to fight by our side.

Furthermore, we will also have to manage our village, that was destroyed, and look for the inhabitants who have fled. Here, we can leave the monsters we have caught, recruit new heroes for our team, and buy items that will help us in our adventure, among other possibilities.

In short, this is a retro-style RPG with a great classic style and designed with pixel art. If you want to relive your old role-playing games on your Android, this is the perfect opportunity.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
Manuel Sánchez
Manuel Sánchez
Springloaded Ltd.
6 months ago
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