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Unlimited Music with Mp3 Player offers you songs to be listened for free from your iPhone. Get hold of a huge musical collection by installing this app

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If you've got an Internet connection, whether using your data or connected to a WiFi network, Unlimited Music with Mp3 Player is perfect for you. You'll be able to access all the music you can think of searching for to listen to it online and for free. In fact, it's like carrying around a YouTube on your iPhone that offers you all the music can imagine and with the advantage of not wasting so much data, because it's just audio, not video.

Search, find, and listen to your favorite songs and bands, wherever you are.

Do I have to pay any kind of subscription?

You're probably thinking that there must be some kind of drawback. How can I possibly listen to so much music without having to pay anything? Well, to start off, the possible drawbacks have to do with the audio quality that's not the best in many cases. If you're not too bothered about this fact, it won't be a problem for you.

The other disadvantage is that you'll come across loads of adverts all over the place, not only banners at the bottom of the screen but also between songs. Be careful if you're a bit clumsy because instead of playing your favorite rock song, you might end up installing some casual game on your phone.

Finally, as you've probably imagined, the app doesn't allow you to download any song, only listen to them online. Thus, you always have to have an Internet connection to be able to use the application.

Designed to offer you the best music experience.

Yet another music player

You can use the app as your default music player because, just like your iPhone's native multimedia application, you can use it in the background whilst you access other apps. It also incorporates the typical play, pause and forward controls that also work when your iPhone's locked.

It also comes along with an equalizer to control low and high tones. Amongst the options available when it comes to listening to a song in particular, there's a menu to add that song to our favorites or straight to a playlist. Other options that couldn't be missing are those that allow us to listen to songs on external compatible devices, such as an Airport Express or an Apple TV. Finally, you can also make use of the basic options to listen to lists or albums in random and shuffle mode.

As a final conclusion, we have to add that it's compatible with 3D Touch to access, without having to open the app previously, that song or album that we like so much. It's an ideal app for those users who don't want to spend a cent on subscriptions to Apple Music or Spotify, amongst others, because if you're already on any of these platforms there's no need for you to download this application. In those cases, the audio quality is much better.

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