Windows Small Business Server

2011 Standard

Windows Small Business Server is a tool for small companies that want to create their own network. Download Windows Small Business Server and try it out

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Windows Small Business Server 7 and Aurora are part of the new range of products focused towards servers that Microsoft offers for small businesses. The big difference between the two is that Aurora offers possibilities to work on the "cloud".

  The most relevant features of Windows Small Business Server are:
- Highly scalable platform, capable of growing according to your companies needs, because it allows to create the number of users, servers or application according to their requirements.
- Automatic daily backups that protect your business from losing information.
- Access the files from anywhere and whenever you want.
- Easily work collectively via network.

  Thanks to this integrated server solution it is possible to create a network formed by up to a maximum of 75 users, increase the productivity of the workers and protect all the company's data efficiently.

  If you want to have the most complete solution for managing all tasks related to networks, download Windows Small Business Server, a platform for servers based on Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard.
Requirements and additional information:
This application requires at least a Quad Core at 2GHz (64-bit) and 8 GB of RAM. A Windows Live ID is necessary to download the program. You can create one here.
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