The best Match 3 games for Android

Match 3 games are one of the most amusing genres for Android. Combines three or more identical elements, whether candies, bubbles, balls or pieces of fruit, and try to do combos to increase your score

Candy Crush Saga English
Candy Crush Saga

The most famous match 3 game

Homescapes English
Homescapes 5.9.5

The new Gardenscapes for Android

Gardenscapes 6.9.0 English

A match 3 game to create the garden of your dreams

Candy Crush Soda Saga 1.239.5 English

A Match 3 full of sweets and candies from the Candy Crush series

Farm Heroes Saga 5.98.2 English

Match vegetables to save the harvest

Pet Rescue Saga 1.432.3 English

Save all the pets in the puzzles

Toon Blast 9924 English

Fun puzzle game for Android similar to the match 3 genre

Fishdom 7.12.0 English
Fishdom 7.12.0

Explore the bottom of the sea in this match 3 puzzle

Angry Birds Fight! 2.5.6 English

An Angry Birds based on ZooKeeper Battle

Disney Princess Majestic Quest 1.7.1b English

Match 3 puzzle game featuring Disney princesses

Bubble Shooter 14.0.0 English

Classic straightforward game about bursting bubbles

Candy Crush Friends Saga 1.82.1 English

A new installment of Candy Crush

Royal Match 14166 English

A nice match-3 in which we must decorate a castle

Pepper Panic Saga 1.0.0 English

A match 3 of peppers

Dots & Co 2.17.8 English
Dots & Co 2.17.8

Connect dots and explore new worlds

Crazy Cake Swap 1.78 English

A very sweet match-3 where you are the protagonist

EverMerge 1.28.0 English
EverMerge 1.28.0

Solve puzzles in the company of your favorite story characters

Goods Match 3D 1.5.5 English

Buy trios of items before time runs out

Flip This House 1.111 English

Solve the puzzles and refurbish your home

Disney Getaway Blast 2.0.0j English

Adorable puzzle game with Disney and Pixar characters

Candy Crush Tales 0.1.6 English

A new Candy Crush adventure

Tile Master 3D 1.7.1 English

Find three identical items in tons of puzzles

Candy Charming 18.4.3051 English
Candy Charming 18.4.3051

A sweet match-3 game of jelly beans and candy

Dream Home Bubble Shooter 73.0 English

Lovely bubble puzzle and problem solving game

Tiledom 1.8.32 English
Tiledom 1.8.32

Solve match-3 puzzles mahjong style

Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga 1.10.5 English

King's match 3 game featuring pets

Beyblade Burst Rivals 3.10.1 English

Deadly spinning top anime in your cell phone

Fruit Link 388.0 English
Fruit Link 388.0

Match-3 with fruit and adorable creatures

Jewels Legend 2.52.4 English

Connect colorful jewels to solve the puzzles

Disney Wonderful Worlds 1.10.18 English

Do puzzles with Mickey and his friends and design a magical theme park

Candy Valley English
Candy Valley

A sweet and delicious match-3 puzzle game

LINE: Doraemon Park 2.7.0 English

Match 3 game with Doraemon and friends

Shoot Bubble - Fruit Splash 60.0 English

Destroy all the fruit on the panel before they reach the bottom

Angry Birds Dream Blast 1.41.0 English

A very bubbly match 3 game

Doggo Go English

A simplified and adorable version of mahjong

Candy Manor 57 English

Solve candy puzzles and decorate a mansion

Fruits Mania 20.1116.09 English
Fruits Mania 20.1116.09

A refreshing and juicy fruit match-3

Lost Island: Blast Adventure 1.1.1008 English

Solve the puzzles and restore the island

Passion Puzzle 1.16.5 English

A match 3 puzzle game for adults

Tile Busters 2.5.5 English

Match 3 tiles until the board is clear

Marble Master 3.92.098 English
Marble Master 3.92.098

Shoot marbles and travel the world by boat

Jellipop Match English

Reform a town with magic in this tender match-3

Sweet Fruit Candy 102 English

Combine three fruits in this delicious puzzle game

Fruits Master 1.2.4 English

Match three fruits of the same color in this juicy puzzle game

Jewels Jungle 108 English

Match-3 game set in the brilliant world of jewels

Wildscapes 2.2.8 English
Wildscapes 2.2.8

Build your own zoo

SEGA Heroes 81.216119 English
SEGA Heroes 81.216119

A match 3 game featuring SEGA's characters

Empires & Puzzles: RPG Quest 54.0.0 English

Puzzle game set in an RPG environment

Pirate Treasures English

Match 3 game for Android about pirates

Slugterra: Slug It Out 2 2.9.3 English

Match 3 puzzle game based on Slugterra

Juice Jam 3.39.1 English
Juice Jam 3.39.1

Match fruit and make juice for the customers

Toy Blast 9929 English
Toy Blast 9929

Rescue the toys in this match 3 puzzle game for Android

Hey Beauty English
Hey Beauty

Complete match-3 puzzles to help several women change their lives

Daily Bubble 1.0.4 English

Create bubble chains to merge them

Sweet Crunch 1.6.0 English

A colorful and adorable match-3 puzzle game with candies

Makeover Master 1.0.40 English

Complete match-3 puzzles and design spectacular houses

Candy Crack 1.6.7 English

Nice match-2 puzzle game featuring candy

NBA Ball Stars 1.7.1 English

Complete puzzles and play basketball with the stars of the NBA

Crazy Candy Bomb 4.6.5 English

A sweet puzzle game with jelly beans and candy

Zuxar Deluxe 0.261 English

Make the frog throw colored marbles

Fruits Bomb 8.3.5009 English
Fruits Bomb 8.3.5009

A juicy and colorful match-3

Restaurant Renovation 3.2.17 English

Solve puzzles and bring a restaurant to life

Bubbles Empire Champions 9.3.20 English

Burst colored bubbles in this puzzle game

Toy Bomb 3.80.5009 English
Toy Bomb 3.80.5009

Colorful puzzle game with blocks and toys

Bejeweled Classic 3.0.100 English

Combine three jewels and take on puzzle challenges

Bejeweled Stars 3.01.0 English

Fantastic puzzle game with jewels

Cartoon Network's Match Land 1.0.0 English

A match 3 game with Cartoon Network characters

Match Candy 2.0.13 English
Match Candy 2.0.13

A match 3 game with loads of candies

Disney Emoji Blitz 46.1.1 English

A cute Disney-based match 3 game

Matchington Mansion 1.103.0 English

Solve puzzles and redecorate your new mansion

Scrubby Dubby Saga 1.31.0 English

A new and very clean Match 3

Disney Frozen Free Fall 11.2.0 English

Entertaining puzzle game based on the movie Frozen

Triple Town 1.90.6 English
Triple Town 1.90.6

Build the largest city possible in the smallest space

L.O.L. Surprise Ball Pop 3.4 English

Collect the famous dolls in this mini-game compilation

Tile Link 1.6.00 English
Tile Link 1.6.00

A nice match-3 with cute chips

Spellmind 2.6.0 English
Spellmind 2.6.0

Restoring a magic school to its former glory

Puzzle Wings 2.5.2 English

Feed the chicks by completing match-3 puzzles

Cake Jam Drop 1.2.7 English

Some very sweet match-3 puzzles

Charm King 8.13.3 English
Charm King 8.13.3

An adorable match-3 puzzle game with fairytale characters

Fruit Block Friends 90 English

Do puzzles by solving puzzles

Bubble GO! 1.0.8 English
Bubble GO! 1.0.8

Play this colorful match-3 puzzle game and win real money

Puzzles & Survival 7.0.69 English

Battle the zombies by solving match-3 puzzles

Pyramid Curse 1.8 English

Exciting match-3 puzzle game set in the Egypt of the Pharaohs

The Wizard of Oz 1.0.4706 English

Beautiful match-3 set in the movie The Wizard of Oz

Crazy Kitchen 6.7.1 English

Crazy match-3 puzzle game in cooking decor setting

Sweet Candy Forest 9.10.0004 English

Sweet match-3 puzzles with candy

Lucky Diamond 1.1.30 English

Match 3 puzzle game where we will eliminate diamonds

BTS Crush 1.1 English

Peculiar match-3 game starring the members of BTS

Jewels of Egypt 1.23.2300 English
Jewels of Egypt 1.23.2300

Match 3 game set in Ancient Egypt

Kitten Match 0.26.0 English
Kitten Match 0.26.0

Adorable kitty match-3

Pengle 2.3.1 English
Pengle 2.3.1

A match-3 in which we must clean the ocean

Hay Day Pop 4.28.116 English
Hay Day Pop 4.28.116

Match 3 puzzle game where players can build their own farms

Design Island 3.36.0 English

Solve puzzles, discover the story and create your own luxury villa

Family Hotel 2.23 English

Renovate a hotel while playing with puzzles

Castle Story 1.49.10 English
Castle Story 1.49.10

Rebuild the family castle through puzzles

Sugar Blast! 1.35.0 English
Sugar Blast! 1.35.0

Get rid of all the sweets on the screen

Family Guy Freakin Mobile Game 2.37.7 English

Family Guy's version of Candy Crush

Farm Heroes Super Saga 1.71.0 English

King's cute pieces of fruit are back

Pokémon Shuffle Mobile 1.13.0 English

Pokémon's match 3 game arrives on Android

Futurama: Game of Drones 1.12.0 English

Puzzle game set in Futurama

Blossom Blast Saga 100.131.0 English

Combine buds and make them sprout

Adventure Time Puzzle Quest 2.00 English

Adventure Time's Puzzle Quest and RPG

Tasty Tale 37.2.1 English
Tasty Tale 37.2.1

A kitchen puzzle

Gummy Drop! 4.19.0 English
Gummy Drop! 4.19.0

Combine gummies and make them disappear

Bubble Shooter Galaxy 1.1.7 English

An intergalactic match 3 based on bubbles

Birzzle Fever 1.1.2 English

An explosion of color on your Android


Match the identical animals to obtain points

My Romance 2.6.1 English
My Romance 2.6.1

Solve puzzles and help characters change their appearance

Garden Affairs 1.89.0 English

Help Alice renovate the mansion of her childhood

Blast Friends 1.2.1 English

Destroy blocks of colors in good company

Bubble Boxes 1.4.2 English

Pop the balloons three at a time

Smurfs Magic Match 2.2 English

Solve puzzles to help Papa Smurf fight Gargamel

Beauty Empire 1.1.9 English

Merge trash to create treasure

Mary's Challenge 35 English

Use the power of puzzles to help people

Zen Match 201528 English
Zen Match 201528

Relax with this elegant match-3 puzzle game.

Storyngton Hall 49.0.0 English

Nobles do match-3 puzzles too

Charms of the Witch 2.41.1 English

Join the witches in a match-3 adventure

Ohana Island 1.7.8 English

Save Hannah's grandmother's flower shop by solving match-2 puzzles

Bitcoin Blocks 2.2.8 English

Earn bitcoins doing match-2 puzzles

Farmscapes English

Renovate your old farm while solving grid puzzles

Puzzle Combat 39.0.1 English

Fight against zombies by doing match-3 puzzles

Fruit Diary 1.24.0 English
Fruit Diary 1.24.0

Juicy match-3 puzzles with fruit

Lollipop 20.1201.00 English
Lollipop 20.1201.00

Original' match 3 puzzle game with candies and sweets

Bunny Pop 22.0307.09 English
Bunny Pop 22.0307.09

Free the rabbits caught in the bubbles

Candy Smash Mania 9.08.5066 English

A sweet match-3 of candies and jelly beans

Candy Fever 10.2.5071 English
Candy Fever 10.2.5071

Match-3 game with hundreds of levels to get through

Jingle Mansion 2.4.9 English

Solve match-3 puzzles to restore a beautiful island

Fruit Bump English
Fruit Bump

A refreshing fruit match-3

Fruit Land 1.378.0 English
Fruit Land 1.378.0

Match 3 puzzle game with fruit

Tintin Match 1.9.2 English

A Match-3 Tintin game

Love Rocks Shakira 1.3.0 English

Make jewelry puzzles with Shakira

Yummy Drop! 1.15.0 English
Yummy Drop! 1.15.0

A delicious match-3 set in the world of cooking

Aggretsuko 1.19.8 English
Aggretsuko 1.19.8

Help Retsuko decorate her office

Marble Mission 1.6.3 English

Colorful puzzles with marbles

Sweet House 1.36.3 English
Sweet House 1.36.3

Decorate a large villa by solving match-3 puzzles

Dancing with the Stars 3.23.0 English

Dancing and match 3 puzzle game

Vineyard Valley 2.1.8 English

Solve puzzles to restore your childhood village

Hotel Blast 1.20.1 English
Hotel Blast 1.20.1

Combine pieces to renovate this rickety hotel

Disney Frozen Adventures 21.0.0 English

The official match 3 of Frozen 2

LINE Pokopang 8.0.1 English

A Match 3 type game within the 'Line world'

Family Zoo 2.3.6 English
Family Zoo 2.3.6

Build your zoo by joining up fruit

Magic: Puzzle Quest 5.3.2 English

The match 3 game based on Magic's cards

My Selfie Story: Episode 1-8 1.4.12 English

Social network influencer simulator

Temple Run: Treasure Hunters 3.5.7316 English

The match 3 based on Temple Run

Marvel Puzzle Quest 255.604331 English

Pit Marvel characters against each other in this Match 3

Puzzle Bobble 1.8 English

The 'match 3' where you pop bubbles with little squirrels

Dragons: Titan Uprising 1.25.0 English

A match 3 game in which you can put dragons to fight

Home Design Makeover! 4.3.6g English

Decorate houses whilst you solve the panels

LINE PokoPoko 2.3.0 English

The second part of LINE Pokopang

Angry Birds Match 6.1.0 English

The match 3 game for Android based on Angry Birds