The best Match 3 games for Android

Match 3 games are one of the most amusing genres for Android. Combines three or more identical elements, whether candies, bubbles, balls or pieces of fruit, and try to do combos to increase your score

Candy Crush Saga English
Candy Crush Saga

The sweetest match 3 game

Homescapes 4.4.4 English
Homescapes 4.4.4

The new Gardenscapes for Android

Angry Birds Fight! 2.5.6 English

An Angry Birds based on ZooKeeper Battle

Gardenscapes 5.1.0 English

A match 3 game to create the garden of your dreams

Puzzle Bobble 1.3 English

The classic part 3 of bubble bursting

Tiledom 1.6.7 English
Tiledom 1.6.7

Solve match-3 puzzles mahjong style

Candy Crush Soda Saga 1.190.2 English

A Match 3 full of sweets and candies from the Candy Crush series

Bubble Shooter 12.1.4 English

Classic straightforward game about bursting bubbles

Hay Day Pop 4.28.116 English
Hay Day Pop 4.28.116

Match 3 puzzle game where players can build their own farms

Candy Crush Friends Saga 1.51.4 English

A new installment of Candy Crush

Pepper Panic Saga 1.0.0 English

A match 3 of peppers

Toon Blast 6671 English

Fun puzzle game for Android similar to the match 3 genre

Sweet Fruit Candy 87.0 English

Combine three fruits in this delicious puzzle game

Candy Manor 14.0 English

Solve candy puzzles and decorate a mansion

Shoot Bubble - Fruit Splash 40.0 English

Destroy all the fruit on the panel before they reach the bottom

Project Makeover 2.9.1 English

Solve the puzzles and change the style of your character

Fishdom 5.57.0 English
Fishdom 5.57.0

Explore the fish bottom with this match 3 puzzle

Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells 29.0.675 English

A match 3 puzzle game in the Harry Potter universe

Match Masters 3.409 English

A crazy turn-based multiplayer match-3

Fruit Blast Friends 66 English

Do puzzles by solving puzzles

Tile Fun 1.3.4 English
Tile Fun 1.3.4

The match-3 style mahjong

Yummy Drop! 1.15.0 English
Yummy Drop! 1.15.0

A delicious match-3 set in the world of cooking

Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga 1.10.5 English

King's match 3 game featuring pets

My Home - Design Dreams 1.0.340 English

Solve panels and decorate your new home

Fruit Diary 1.24.0 English
Fruit Diary 1.24.0

Juicy match-3 puzzles with fruit

Puzzles & Survival 7.0.11 English

Battle the zombies by solving match-3 puzzles

Ben 10 Heroes 1.7.0 English

Match-3 game starring Ben Tennyson and his colleagues

LINE: Doraemon Park 2.5.1 English

Match 3 game with Doraemon and friends

Jewels Jungle 1.8.0 English

Match-3 game set in the brilliant world of jewels

Bejeweled Classic 2.9.800 English

Combine three jewels and take on puzzle challenges

Slugterra: Slug It Out 2 2.9.3 English

Match 3 puzzle game based on Slugterra

Pet Rescue Saga 1.276.21 English
Pet Rescue Saga 1.276.21

Hurry up and rescue these cute pets

Kitten Match 0.18.0 English
Kitten Match 0.18.0

Adorable kitty match-3

EverMerge 1.19.0 English
EverMerge 1.19.0

Solve puzzles in the company of your favorite story characters

Candy Crush Tales 0.1.6 English

A new Candy Crush adventure

SEGA Heroes 81.216119 English
SEGA Heroes 81.216119

A match 3 game featuring SEGA's characters

Merge Dragons! 5.8.0 English

A peculiar match 3 game to collect dragons

Sweet Candy Story 95 English

A match 3 game similar to Candy Crush

Candy Crush Jelly Saga 2.62.2 English

Join jelly candies in groups of three

Passion Puzzle 1.16.5 English

A match 3 puzzle game for adults