As in many mobile games, coins can be obtained by spending real money, but there are other ways to get them during the game in reward mode. On our screen, we will have a virtual indicator that will grow as we complete missions in the main story or by taking classes. Once the missions are completed, we will be able to choose between the different prizes that the game offers us, including coins. Also, other prizes we will be able to choose from are the following:


Energy is necessary in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery to keep progressing in the game. One point will be recharged every 4 minutes.

Main stats

Being a role-playing game, leveling up your character is essential to get new dialogue options (just like in Monkey Island's sword duels) and will help us get more items.


This is the main currency of the game, rather than gold coins, so you should accumulate them.

Choose your rewardChoose your reward

It is advisable to choose what is more difficult to obtain, such as gems or the main stat booster, as the energy is recharged by one point every 4 minutes.

By obtaining coins in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery, we can unlock other missions, which also have a cost, between 50 and 100 coins, depending on the mission, but the further you progress in the story, the higher the cost. Also, with the coins, we will be able to do several things, like buying customizable elements for our character, whether it is clothes, skins, or other types of things.

In this sort of spin-off of the literary saga written by J. K. Rowling, we will play a newly arrived wizard at the school. The adventure takes place sometime before Harry Potter enters the wizardry school. Being a new story, it has an original script that makes it different from the movies or books, but without losing its essence.