Throughout the game, we will have to make friends, and especially reinforce the concept of friendship, in this way, we will get rewards. For all this, we will show you a series of tips to follow:

Progress in the story

Although it sounds logical, it is the best advice since progressing in the game is the best way to make friends. In this way, you will get to make a larger circle of friends. In the first year of school, you can become friends with Rowan Khanna, Ben Copper, and Penny Haywood; in the second year with Bill Weasley; in the third year with Nymphadora Tonks and Tulip Karasu; from the third year you can become friends with Barnaby Lee. Another way to increase the friendship level is to spend gems, both free and paid, although the best option is not to spend them in case we need them later.

Advance through the story to make friendsAdvance through the story to make friends

Character attributes

There are a series of attributes of each character that are key to their interaction if we know how to make the most of the friendship relationships. To see the attributes, tap on the photo of each character to make them appear in the upper left corner. Depending on the character's attributes, determine the answer to be given.

Saving coins

Each interaction with our friends has a cost in coins. Try not to spend them on unnecessary things such as aesthetic or customization items, unless you have lots of them. However, getting coins is very simple, since we can get them by completing the different objectives of the game. Another option is to buy coins with real money.

Accumulate statistics

When talking to our friends, we need to give the right answers, and we have a limited number of tries, so if we do not know them, we should wait until we do it, such as when playing Monkey Island's sword duels. It is advisable to have a good level of statistics before answering.

Now, we know how to make friends and improve relationships in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. Probably, friendship is the most important factor since, with it, we will be able to unlock new content and progress through the story. We will also be able to get gems that will be necessary to get the different elements that help us progress in different aspects of the game.