For our house to be the champion and to win the House Cup, we will have to make our house the best of the 4 existing houses by having the most points at the end of the course. There are several ways to get the points, but for the most part, we will have to approve the classes, have no failures, and be constant in the activities we perform. So, we will show you the best ways to increase our score as much as possible:

Make progress through the game's story

Although it sounds obvious, we will get points as we progress in the story of Hogwarts Mystery, even more, when we go beyond chapter 9. Therefore, make every effort to progress in the story to maximize your chances of getting this cup.

Pass class lessons

You must do well during the lessons you will be given in class and answer the questions right. Of course, you will consume energy points for each lesson you take, and if they are consumed before, you will have to wait until you have full energy by exiting the game. You must have all the necessary stars required for the lesson to complete it.

Take classroom lessonsTake classroom lessons

Interact with friends

Talking with other students will help us increase our points counter. However, we must be careful because if we give incorrect answers, we will lose points.

Interact with friendsInteract with friends

What are you waiting for to choose from the 4 houses available to take it to the top?: Gryffindor; brave and chivalrous, Hufflepuff; kind and loyal, Ravenclaw; intelligent and witty, or Slytherin; cunning and ambitious.