The Cursed Vaults are a plot nexus of the story as it is the main mystery that we will find throughout the game. The origin is unclear, as there are different theories about them and they date back to before the creation of the school. Some people say that the founders of the school themselves put them at Hogwarts, and others say that a former headmaster of the school went crazy and decided to build them. It is believed that the final vault is the real one and that the other four vaults are just traps and decoys, each with a curse.

Vault of Ice

The first vault is located at the end of the secret stairs and is hidden by a wall on the fifth floor. Because of its name, it is covered with ice and attacks with lightning by those who try to touch it. An ice knight serves as the last defense of the vault. This vault appears after the cursed ice, safely contained within a locked room, is released throughout the room, threatening even the entire school.

Vault of IceVault of Ice

Vault of Fear

It is hidden behind a forbidden section of the library. This vault delves into people's deepest fears. It is related to the boggart, beings capable of transforming themselves into what the person in front of them fears the most. There are 3 boggarts inside defending the vault of fear, it looks a lot like the vault of ice. It was investigated by a student named Jacob who was expelled for endangering the entire school during the process. To open the vault, you must touch the column with a broken wand. Inside, there was a map of the forbidden forest and a broken arrow.

The vault of FearThe vault of Fear

Forest Vault

This is the third vault and was found by Jacob's brother or sister and their friends during the 1987/88 school year. It is hidden in a grove of trees in the forbidden forest. Its entrance is guarded by an Acromantula, who set up its lair there to eat the sleepwalking students. To open the vault, you have to touch the column with the arrow of the centaur Torvus. Inside, there is a portrait of a dragon and a small sweater.

Buried Vault

Buried Vault, the fourth vault, was explored by Jacob, Patricia Rakepick, and Peter Pettigrew. Its location is a mystery but it is said to be outside Hogwarts, probably underground. During the journey, the three encountered the dragon guarding the vault. Pettigrew escaped, leaving Rakepick and Jacob behind. The two managed to enter the vault thanks to Jacob's legeremancy, but did not defeat the dragon. Upon entering, Jacob was trapped inside a portrait while Rakepick was sent into the forbidden forest.

Fifth vault

The fifth and final vault lies somewhere outside Hogwarts Castle, in the Black Lake but little is known about it and it remains a mystery.


During our adventure, we will be able to choose our companion to go into the depths of the vault and investigate it with other friends, who automatically will accompany us:

  • Vault of Ice: We will be joined by Bill Wesley, and by default, by Rowan Khanna, Ben Copper, or Penny Haywood.
  • Vault of Fear: Our companions will be Tulip Karasu and Barnaby Lee, and by default, Rowan Khanna, Nymphadora Tonks, or Bill Weasley.
  • Forest Vault: Here, we will have the possibility to choose Charlie Weasley, Torvus, and Rubeus Hagrid, and as default companions, Penny Haywood, Bill Weasley, or Rowan Khanna.
  • Buried Vault: Coming with us on this adventure will be Ben Copper, Bill Weasley, Merula Snyde, and Patricia Rakepick, in addition to Penny Haywood or Charlie Weasley, who will come by default.