As with any software, Windows 11 has minimum requirements that the computer must meet. Otherwise, it may not be able to be installed, may not work stably, or may not receive updates. If you want to check that your computer will be able to run it before installing it, keep reading this article. Here, we explain the minimum requirements for Windows 11.


Your processor must have a clock frequency of 1 gigahertz or more. Also, Windows 11 will only work with a processor with two or more cores with 64-bit architecture. Important: there is no version of the system for 32-bit chips.


Microsoft has raised this requirement compared to the predecessor of Windows 11. Now, it is necessary to have 4 GB of RAM or more.


The installation of the operating system requires at least 64 GB of free hard disk space. Additional storage space may be required to download updates and enable specific features. If you want the best performance, we recommend using a solid-state drive or SSD.

Graphics card

The computer on which you install the operating system must have a DirectX 12 or later compatible card and a WDDM 2.0 driver.

System firmware and TPM

You need a UEFI system that supports secure boot. Additionally, your board must have a secure platform module in its second version, or TPM 2.0.


Your screen resolution should be HD. Or in other words, to have a 720p resolution. Windows 11 only works on monitors 9 inches or larger that are capable of reproducing 8 bits per color channel.

Internet connection

Internet connection is not required in Windows 11 Pro. It is only needed to download updates and additional features. However, Windows 11 Home edition requires an Internet connection and a Microsoft account to complete the computer setup during installation.

Minimum requirements for additional functions

There are additional system functions that will only work if your computer has the necessary hardware. Here are some examples:

  • 5G connection. You will only be able to connect to fifth-generation networks if you have a compatible modem.
  • Automatic HDR. This feature is dependent on an HDR-compatible monitor.
  • The function of attaching three windows vertically. In this case, your screen must have a resolution of at least 1920 pixels wide.
  • Voice typing. You will need a microphone to be able to write with your voice.

If you have questions about any additional features of Windows 11 and the type of components required, we suggest you visit the support page for this edition of the operating system.