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Download arRsync and use Rsync more easily. arRsync provides a graphic interface that will make it a lot easier to create backup copies of your computer

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arRsync provides a graphic user interface (GUI) for Rsync, something that makes it a lot easier to carry out file synchronization and backup creation tasks with this fantastic utility.

  Rsync is, beyond any doubt, one of the best programs to carry out network backup copies of the files stored on your Mac OS X, but it has the big inconvenience that all the tasks have to be completed from the command line. To be able to solve this small 'problem' we can always resort to arRsync.

  Thus, we will be able to access all the advantages provided by Rsync (synchronization of the files that we have stored on two different computers while minimizing the data transfer between both locations, complete local or network backups, creation of optimized big file backups,...), but without having to deal with the difficulties that working with a terminal normally set to those users that are used to working with a window system.

  If you don't want to risk using Rsync, download arRsync and take full advantage of all the features that it offers you.
Adam Watkins & Miles Wu
Over a year ago
Two days ago
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